Biden’s Latest Gaffe: Elderly Rant Targets Gun Owners


Joe Biden, the president of the United States, took to the stage again at a Moms Demand Action/Everytown for Gun Safety rally to threaten law-abiding gun owners with F-15 Eagle strikes.

There is only one problem. I’m not talking about the fact that Mr. Back to Decency and all the Healing get his kicks by threatening military action against approximately half of America. The U.S. Navy, our first line of defense, may be in the worst shape in over 40 years. The Air Force could have less than one-third of the B-21 Raider Bombers it needs to deter China and Russia. And the Army is now Woke. But Biden’s priorities include dropping GBU 39 Small Diameter Bombs at your local gun range.

It’s funny, but I’m not deterred by Biden’s F-15 threats, which he repeats over and over again like a man who is old, forgetful, with a favorite tale he won’t ever forget no matter how often you silently pray he does.

It was not long after he assumed office in 2021 that I began to wonder if he might one day order the Air Force to level my gun-loving suburb. I do mean “assumed”.

He said that in June, if you thought you needed weapons to fight the government you would need F-15s or maybe even nuclear weapons. He also stated that the Second Amendment limited who could buy a gun, and what kind of weapon they could have, since the day it passed. “You couldn’t purchase a cannon.”

You could. You still can.

Here is the video.

As a side note, you don’t want to be the center of attention for a pilot in an F-15E Strike Eagle. If you ask me how many weapons a Strike Eagle is capable of carrying, I would have to quote the young John Connor from “Terminator 2”, when he was asked about how many police arrived at Cyberdyne to stop Terminator. “All of them I think.”

Biden may have been echoing Eric Swalwell who had once threatened us with nukes. Swalwell didn’t even delete the tweet.

Biden, I believe in 2022, is making the same threats at the same conference.

If you look at the older clips, Biden seems strong and authoritative. That is, if you don’t realize he is lying or don’t mind that he threatens “my fellow Americans.”

Look at his actions this week.

He’s barely able to get through the threats he has made before.

As accurately as I can transcribe it, the exact quote is: “By the way, they want to think [unintelligible] take on unnerving. We get outta the line. Guess what? They need F-15s. They don’t [slurp] need a rifle.” Then came a tepid laugh. Compare this to the loud cheers Biden received for his much stronger statement three years ago.

The radars on all F-15s in the Air Force could not find it.