Biden’s Hispanic Support in Critical Swing States: CNN Predicts ‘Game Over’ if Numbers Hold


Harry Enten, the CNN polling man, is one of the very few people that I can tolerate because he is not afraid, to tell the truth when the news is not favorable for Democrats. Enten didn’t hold back when he said there was a lot of bad news about Joe Biden’s polling numbers.

He spoke earlier in the week about the numbers for the swing states, and how if they held it would be “game over” if Joe Biden won.

Let’s have a look. Here is the Biden-Trump matchup. Biden won Arizona in 2021 with a margin of less than 1%. He won Nevada with a bit more than 2 percentage points. Now look at the polling for 2024. Joe Biden, to quote Tony Blair: “Joe Biden’s numbers are weak and poor.” Donald Trump is up five points in Arizona and five points in Nevada in the average polling results.

He said that if the numbers hold, former president Donald Trump will be the first Republican candidate to win the “Silver State”, (Nevada), since George W. Bush won in 2004.

What’s changed? Hispanic voters.

Joe Biden won the Hispanic vote in Arizona in 2020 by 24 points. In Nevada, he won by 26 points. Joe Biden still has a lead, but the margins are much smaller. In Arizona, they have been reduced by over half, by 11 points and by a third from where it was in 2020. Joe Biden now only has an 8-point lead.

He said he couldn’t come up with a “map”, that would work for Biden if Trump won Arizona and Nevada.

It’s a simple math problem at this point. Biden is in Arizona. He is behind in Nevada. He is behind in Georgia. He’s in Michigan. If that map is accurate, the game’s over. Donald Trump will most likely win.

Joe Biden will not like this.

Enten went on to expand further on the Hispanic issue later in the week. Enten said that Biden’s performance with Hispanics was the worst by a Democratic Presidential candidate “since we began polling” the thing. Oh, and look at Anderson Cooper’s expression, it is priceless.

Enten stated that Hispanic voters were very concerned about illegal migration and that they trusted Trump more than Biden in this regard, by “a tremendous margin” — 49 percent to 24 percent. Enten said that Biden had won Hispanics by more than 20 percent in 2020, but he is barely holding onto the vote now by just two points.

Enten said, “It’s the smallest margin in history for any Democratic candidate to win Hispanic votes. “So, the truth is that at this point there’s not a backlash. “At this point, I do not see a backlash coming.”

You know Biden is in trouble when even CNN throws him under the bus for some truth.

There are still several months to go, but Jill’s breakfast tacos and Biden’s appearance at Mexican restaurants and telling tall stories before wandering away won’t change the situation.