Biden’s Disinformation Czar Just Said the Quiet Part Out Loud About Twitter


Nina Jankowicz, Joe Biden’s Disinformation Board director, has been busy inventing all kinds of anti-American and tyrannical ways to control thought and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Benjamin Weingarten, New York Post, wrote that “If you wanted to discredit your own government, you would be hard-pressed not to create a Ministry of Truth and house it within your domestic security apparatus, and appoint an untruth-spreading serial spewer to lead it.”

Jankowicz is a lovely left-winger, having earned a Russian graduate degree and worked for the Wilson Center. Her primary asset as the Disinformation Board’s leader is her passion for pursuing political opposition.

She believes that “verified” users of Twitter should be allowed “edit” tweets to change content, just to ensure there is no “disinformation” on the internet.

Nina Jankowicz, who was appointed director of the Disinformation Governance Board at the Department of Homeland Security in response to concerns about government censorship, told Zoom participants that she has been “verified” by Twitter. She then said that there are “a lot of people who shouldn’t be verified, and who aren’t legit” since “they’re not trustworthy.”

She adds, “Verified people can start to ‘edit Twitter’ in the same way Wikipedia does so that they can add context and to certain tweets.”

Jankowicz offered a hypothetical.

She said that if President Donald Trump was still on Twitter and tweeted about voter fraud, someone could provide context from one the 60 lawsuits or something that an election official said…so people can have a complete picture instead of just one claim on a single tweet.”

This is a great idea! Why stop there? Instead of rewriting the tweet to conform to the discussion’s narrative, all the distracting and messy debates would disappear.

Baby, just a teaspoon of sugar

Twitter’s verification function, where verified users are given a blue check next to their Twitter handles, was first introduced over a decade ago to help users identify celebrities and public figures, as well as distinguish them from parody accounts or imposters.

It is not clear when the Zoom conversation took place — video of which was posted to Twitter by The Post Millennial, a Canadian news outlet —

Let’s make it easy for brain-dead celebrities who can edit tweets. Jankowicz has just the right kind of people she needs in her army “fact-checkers”, uninformed but capable of uttering nonsense.