Biden’s DEA Chief Under Investigation For Allegedly Handing Out Massive No-Bid Contracts To Past Colleagues


According to sources familiar with the investigation, the Associated Press reported Thursday that the Drug Enforcement Administration’s chief, who is part of the Biden administration, was being investigated for allegedly awarding millions in contracts to former colleagues without bidding.

The AP reports that the Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General launched an investigation on the hiring of atleast a dozen individuals, including former associates of DEA administrator Anne Milgram. This probe focuses primarily on $4.7 Million in “strategic planning and communication” contracts given to Milgram’s colleagues at New Jersey Attorney General’s Office, and New York University, where she taught. The contracts were worth more than the pay scale of the government.

According the AP Scott Amey, the investigation lasted for months and that “some of the deals looked swampy”.

The AP reports that the associates’ work includes intelligence analysis, outreach to communities, and public relations.

According to AP, Jose Cordero was Milgram’s former State Director for Gangs and Guns when she served as New Jersey Attorney-General. Cordero, a former New York City Police official, was awarded a $400k contract for data analysis of crime statistics by Milgram just weeks after she started at the DEA.

Amey told the AP that “Contracts should not be awarded solely based on who you know.” ”

According the AP, The DEA said in a release that it was working towards a noble goal of tackling major threats to national safety.

The AP reports that “DEA has acted quickly to establish a vision, target criminal networks responsible for hundreds of thousands of American deaths, and increase public awareness about how one pill could be deadly. The DEA also recruited and promoted hundreds of talented people. These changes were implemented after a multi-part, extensive process. We are committed in ensuring that DEA is working relentlessly to ensure national security, safety and good health.

After requesting a statement, the Daily Caller News Foundation was unable to reach OIG for a comment.