Biden’s Continue to Ignore East Palestine Disaster as Jill Plans African Diplomacy Trip


Joe Biden’s administration ignored East Palestine’s train derailment in February for several weeks, until it was too late.

This issue and any other issue relating to his job have been completely ignored by Pete Buttigieg. He even went so far as to dismiss the event as one of many that occur every year. This is because he can divert all criticism away from his failures.

Biden has remained pretty silent on the matter. Biden has been pretty silent on the issue, and it was even revealed that his administration had denied FEMA funding for East Palestine. His administration had to respond to all the criticisms so he went on a surprise visit to Ukraine.

The Ohioans saw this trip as a rude insult. Many of them are afraid to return home following the train crash. Despite viral videos showing chemicals in the water and other Internet sensations, East Palestine might technically be habitable. But people don’t seem convinced.

Perception is everything. This perception suggests that the president cares more about rebuilding Ukraine than about helping Americans who have been affected by poisoned groundwater. Biden has been to the US on numerous occasions in the past, but for less important issues. It seems that he doesn’t care much about Americans living in red states.

Reassurance from the President would be helpful, even though he has been quiet on the subject. His wife is not keen to travel to the area of disaster. Instead, she will be acting as a diplomatic envoy to African countries.

The White House announced Tuesday that Jill Biden will be visiting Namibia and Kenya this week in an effort to counter China’s influence.

According to President Joe Biden, the United States is committed to Africa’s future and told African leaders that he was there last year for a summit. Biden also said that he, his wife, and the vice president, as well as several members of his Cabinet, would travel to Africa in 2011. He joked that it would be tiring hosting everyone.

While this trip is important for diplomatic purposes and it is important to establish relations with these countries, the fact that Joe or Jill have not stepped foot in Ohio since the train accident speaks volumes about the policies of the Biden administration. They are concerned about Ukraine and environmentalism, as I said earlier today, all other things can be put on the back burner.

Including suffering Americans.