Biden’s CNN Interview: Did He Reveal Sensitive Military Information?


Old Joe was either rubbing in his dementia or he was letting it be known that there is now a two-tiered justice system in this country. He and his cronies are free to do what they please without fear of punishment, while the United States government spends its entire apparatus on finding new crimes that Donald Trump could be charged with. He sat down for a “softball” interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakai on Sunday but revealed information about our military which could embolden and make more aggressive our most powerful global enemies. Is there anything Old Joe will not do to make America more vulnerable and weaker?

Zakaria reminded Biden of “weapons which 100 nations, including some of our closest NATO allies, have banned.” Your then press secretary stated that if the Russians were using them against civilians, this could be considered war crimes. Then Biden asked him: “What made you decide to change your mind?”

Old Joe won’t be arrested for his answer because he’s Joe Biden. Joe Biden is a key member of the authoritarian Left machine. If Donald Trump had answered the same way, the feds are drafting a new indictment now. Old Joe told the world that “the Ukrainians were running out of ammunition.” “The ammunition that they used call them 155-millimeter weapons,” he continued in a semi-coherent manner. It’s a war about munitions. They are out of ammunition, and we have a shortage. Will Putin write Old Joe to thank him for this revelation?

Biden continued, “And I took the Defense Department’s recommendation to, not permanently but in this transitional period when we have more than 155 weapons and these shells for Ukrainians, provide them with something which has a low failure rate.” It’s around — I believe it’s $150, which is least likely to blow.” Right.

Old Joe, who had a weak grasp of the idea of speaking in such a manner that it makes sense to those listening, added: “And this is not done in civilian areas.” They are trying to get past those trenches and stop the tanks rolling. It was a difficult decision. We’re not a signatory to that agreement. It took me some time to be convinced. The main thing is that they either have weapons to stop Russians from stopping their offensive in these areas or they do not. “I think they needed it.” They either have the weapons or don’t. But in any event, they need them. Joe, you got it!

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was faster to the punch, tweeting that Biden seemed to be saying that we are sending cluster bombs because we have run out of other munitions. It looks like a pretext to spend even more on military expenditure. It’s time to bring both sides together to negotiate and offer diplomatic alternatives to the war. #Kennedy24.” Trump also called for peace, but the war in Ukraine seems to be too lucrative for Old Joe’s friends.

Steve Guest, the patriotic commentator, focused his attention on the tactical error in Biden’s remarks. He tweeted: “Joe Biden broadcasting the world that the US has low stocks of 155mm shells. Moron. Biden probably doesn’t care that our enemies in China are listening.” He is probably not thinking about this possibility at all. Is it true that Old Joe has anything else on his mind besides sitting in front of the television to watch the next Matlock?

That’s it. Now that the U.S. Military is running low on ammunition, the whole world knows. The military does not have a shortage of pamphlets that explain Critical Race Theory or warn of severe punishments for soldiers who “misgender”, or call their comrades women or men. The military of Joe Biden has its priorities right.

Biden won’t suffer any negative consequences for leaking sensitive information about the readiness of our military. Even if China, Russia or Iran use that information to kill Americans and Old Joe is the only person held responsible for it. He is a member of the Leftist Elite. So, no matter what Fareed Zakaria or anyone else says, he is not legally accountable for anything.