Biden’s Baby Formula Issue Has a Third World Hell Hole Feel to It


It is hard to believe the incompetence of the entire Biden administration. It gets worse. It’s still a mystery as to how this country will make it to 2024, while this drunken clown car runs roughshod. Let’s go, Brandon, Biden caused the baby formula crisis. He is a stupid fool with an IQ that paints. This is his lowest point in the American war on terror.

While help is on the way, it’s still embarrassing like everything else in this Biden era.

Here is the story:

In June 1948, the Soviet Union placed a blockade around Berlin’s divided city to stop its allies from fleeing. It didn’t work. Operation Vittles was a military airlift that transported hundreds of tons of food and medicine to the small town. They finally gave in.

There is irony in U.S. military planes flying baby formula from Germany to Indiana. This threat is posed by the criminal incompetence of the Biden administration who ignored the crisis for months before the media began reporting.

It is not surprising that Democrats aren’t too concerned about babies dying while in the womb. Given that Democrats seem not to be worried about Planned Parenthood survivors, it’s understandable that Democrats aren’t worried about that. As if he was the most mentally-challenged SeaWorld seal.

Here’s the conclusion:

This shortage was not caused by “supply disruptions or supply bottlenecks”. It was the pandemic that decimated supply chains, not the crisis. Although the administration had at least 2.5 months to prepare for this crisis, it didn’t start to address it until this month. The media continues to interfere with the White House’s foolhardy fool because they prefer to support Biden’s lies which make his political problems worse.

This administration is trying to add more pathetic to the mountain of pathetic they have already created. My colleague reported on the victory lap taken by the paste-eaters in bringing America back to Third World status.

The US baby-food crisis continues apace, with over 40% of stocks being sold across 43 states. This means that stock sells quickly and leaves thousands without the products they need.

After the Biden administration lost its way, the Defense Production Act was invoked to direct the military to fly baby formula to Europe. The White House wants to claim credit for the small impact these things had.

This is from Kate Berner who is the White House Deputy Communications Director:

They believe they can lie like that because they know that no one in mainstream media will catch their lies.