Biden’s Anti-Drug Message Rings Hollow as Border Crisis Fuels Drug Trafficking


Rep. Eli Crane, R-Ariz., called out Joe Biden’s hypocrisy when Biden posted a message against drug overdoses despite the fact that his administration was facilitating a major drug crisis with lax border security.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has declared August 31 International Overdose Awareness Day. It is the “world’s largest campaign to end drug overdose” and is meant to raise “awareness,” “encourage recovery and support,” and “remember those who have died of drug overdoses”. Joe Biden’s message was not bad, but it rang hollow when viewed in the context of the severe fentanyl epidemic that his administration has caused with its border policy.

Biden’s Twitter/X account posted this on August 31:

Today, on Overdose Awareness Day, I grieve with every person who has lost a child, sibling, parent, or friend to an overdose.

Let’s find hope in the 20 million brave Americans recovering from substance use disorder who show us what’s possible when people receive the care and support they need.

My Administration will continue to ensure that our nation has the resources we need to address the overdose epidemic.

Crane responded quickly on Twitter/X by pointing out both Biden’s hypocrisy and the need to address overdose deaths.

This is an important sentiment.

It is tone-deaf to tweet this when you refuse to secure the border and allow traffickers & cartels to flood our communities.

Biden’s border crisis is so bad, that 7,000 illegal immigrants are estimated to be pouring in every day. The huge wave of illegal migration contains thousands of criminals, including terrorists. It also allows cartels a lot of drug trafficking.

In July, I stated that the amount of fentanyl entering the southern U.S. borders every month was more than enough for every American to die. U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported that in June, they had seized 2,100 pounds worth of illicit fentanyl. According to Epoch Times citing the Drug Enforcement Administration a kilogram of fentanyl or 2.2 lbs can potentially kill an astounding 500,000 people.

CBP, a federal agency, is aware of all these facts. Biden’s administration is complicit with deadly drug trafficking because they continue their terrible border policies. Crane called Biden’s remarks on drug overdoses tone-deaf.

According to the latest National Institutes of Health (2021) statistics, 292 Americans die every day from drug overdoses. The majority of these deaths are due to fentanyl. This is a horrifying act of mass murder. It’s funded by America’s worst enemy, the Chinese Communist Party. According to The Federalist: “The cartels who control the border are responsible for the smuggling of fentanyl, but their operations have been sustained by CCP-linked investors.”

Biden cannot pontificate about drug overdoses as long as Biden’s administration facilitates drug trafficking via the border crisis. He is complicit in those deaths.