Biden’s Airport Clothing Thief Connected to Sister of Perpetual Indulgence


God is good. It’s only logical that the story of the Dodgers, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and their anti-Catholic group could end with a humorous coda. Sam Brinton was the Washington D.C. chapter’s leader when the Los Angeles Dodgers were criticized for inviting the anti-Catholic Sisters to “Pride Night.” Brinton had been a former Biden administration official who was ousted following charges of several airport luggage thefts.

The funny thing is that my colleague Nick Arama brought this up in 2022 when the Biden Administration finally fired Brinton. NBC was very upset about the treatment of Brinton.

The NBC article also claimed Brinton had faced “transphobic attacks” since October, including being called a “drag queen.” But Brinton was a member of a Drag Queen group, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. A group whose name is a mockery of Catholic nuns. What makes it transphobic for someone to tell the truth? Was the Biden team concerned at all about the mocking Catholic nuns among all of the other issues?

The information was out there but the Sisters were not in the news. We have the perfect combination of stories that would make Weird Tales’ editor jealous.

Yep. Joe Biden’s Airport Panty Raider, aka Sister of Perpetual indulgence, was one of the anticatholic perverts to whom the Dodgers prostrated themselves. Brinton was known as “Sister Ray Dee O’Active.” I understand the nuclear waste references but, c’mon, he headed the D.C. Chapter for two years. Great power brings great responsibility.

Brinton is what I call “Mr. Entertainment” or “Sister Entertainment”.

Tell me that you did not guffaw when the Biden administration announced that Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Office of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposal, Mr. Biden, was the first gender-fluid official in government.

He’s always making us laugh, isn’t he? Remember when Biden sent him to the French ambassador’s house with “Rachel Levine”, for a Bastille Day Party, along with the Biden administration? Hey, they thought Jerry Lewis was hilarious. Perhaps they would enjoy the comedic stylings of Frizzy & the Cue Ball.


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Brinton had been a serial bag-lifter, it was revealed. He was caught at least three times. Who would have thought that someone would remember an offender who looked like Mr. Clean wearing a cocktail gown? The best part was when he stole the bag of a Tanzanian designer fashion from baggage claim in DC, and she saw him in one of her outfits on TV. Comedy gold!

Brinton was arrested last month in Maryland for being a “fugitive of justice”. I’m not sure how long he thought he would be able to get away looking as he does. But try to resist the urge to laugh when you imagine Brinton screaming, “Come and get me, Coppers!”

Brinton’s tax records and fate have brought him to the attention of an appreciative nation. In those heady (sorry!) days with the Sisters

Brinton was the principal officer of the D.C. Chapter and regularly hosted events, including drag brunches at the White House, White House protests, and at least one “high heel race”. Brinton also attended a gathering in San Francisco, hosted by the National Organization, in 2019 under this alias.

If you still doubt the evil nature of this group, you can read on the website of the D.C. Chapter: “When asked, ‘Why do you mock nuns?’ we respond: ‘We’re nuns!'” We mimic gay sex and use the cross in public as a stripper rod, for example.

The Biden administration has put this guy in charge of nuclear waste. It’s not surprising, I suppose. His past would be seen as a plus, not a flaw. I wonder if anyone told Joe Biden, the “devout Catholic”, about it?