Biden Will Nominate Air Force General As Next Joint Chiefs Chairman


A senior administration official confirmed to Daily Caller News Foundation that President Joe Biden intends to nominate Air Force chief of staff Gen. Charles “C.Q.” Brown as the highest-ranking U.S. military officer and advisor to the president.

The official said that Brown, as the Air Force’s highest-ranking military leader, has been focused on modernizing U.S. Airpower. He also boasts of a stint in command of U.S. Air Forces Pacific. This shows his importance in advancing the Biden administration’s pledge to strengthen Pacific defenses and avert a possible conflict with China. Brown was considered to be the favorite for the nomination of the President as the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He beat out the main competitor, Marine Corps Commandant General David Berger.

The official, in a press release, praised the service of the current chairman, Gen. Mark Milley, calling him “a close and trusted adviser to President Biden” for the past two year. The official stated that with Milley set to retire in September at the end fiscal year, Biden had “prioritized” finding a successor capable of carrying on Milley’s work, and providing strong, steady leadership, and wise advice.

According to an official, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin referred Brown to President.

The official stated that “General Brown will also benefit from a wealth military experience, both in peacetime and during war. He will be a leader with a deep understanding of the strategic challenges facing the United States around the globe, and who will ably represent our men and women who serve, and their families.”

Officials said that the Air Force general understands NATO’s allies and their perspectives and has steadfastly supported the Biden Administration’s continued military assistance to Ukraine. Brown, as chairman, will need to balance the priorities of Europe and the security situation in the Pacific with a recruitment crisis as well as Republican scrutiny on the Pentagon’s alleged political leftward trend.

Brown would be the second black chairman of a military branch if he is confirmed. He was in the news shortly before he was confirmed in his current role, and during nationwide protests and riots after George Floyd’s death in 20.

Brown, in a video, said: “I think about my Air Force Career, where I was the only African American officer in my squadron or the only African American senior officer in the room.”

Since then, Air Force investigators have independently investigated racial discrimination and gender bias in the Air Force.

“General Brown is also known for his honesty, his intelligence and his integrity. “As our nation’s very first Black service chief he has played a key role in making our armed services more inclusive,” said the official of the DCNF.