Biden Plans to Avoid Mayor Eric Adams While Visiting New York


Joe Biden will be in New York City over the next three days to attend the opening ceremony of the United Nations General Assembly. He’ll also meet other world leaders and use the deep Democratic pockets of the city to host a few fundraising events.

Biden won’t cross paths with New York Mayor Eric Adams. Biden is furious with the mayor for voicing his displeasure at the lack of support Washington has given to New York in caring for more than 100,000 asylum seekers crammed into shelters and barracks throughout the city.

Biden is trying to avoid the issue of migrants as much as possible. He knows it could drag his administration into a losing situation. Adams hears it from everyone, including  Governor Kathy Hochul, a Democrat from New York State, who thinks Adams could do more.

Adams still claims poverty. Adams’ options are limited as more migrants arrive in the city each day.

Adams, in a Sunday evening appearance on MSNBC, said that if the federal government does not provide additional assistance to the state, it will hurt the low-income New Yorkers.


Adams once referred to himself as “Biden Brooklyn” because of their shared working-class roots. The mayor of America’s largest city confirmed recently that he and Biden, once close friends who couldn’t get enough of one another’s company, hadn’t talked since early this year.

In May, Adams’ name was taken off a list of Biden surrogates at the highest levels. The last time they saw each other was late January, during President Obama’s visit in order to promote his Bipartisan Infrastructure Act and the Hudson Tunnel Train Project.

Adams’ criticisms of the Biden administration have become more pointed since then.

Biden and Adams decided to avoid one another, according to reports. Former friends and allies of Biden’s can barely tolerate each other.

It just means they are trying to avoid aggravating an already tense situation, said a City Hall advisor who spoke candidly and was granted anonymity.

It is obvious that the government has not responded at all levels to this conflict between both men over the issue of migrants.

In an interview on Monday, Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso said, “It is unfortunate.” The longer we wait until all levels of government come together, the more migrants will become collateral damage.

Biden is not interested in coming to the negotiating table.