Biden Falls Up Stairs Boarding Air Force One, While Trump’s In East Palestine


Joe Biden seemed lost during a photo-op in Poland. He appeared to have difficulty understanding why he was required to face forward.

He refused to answer questions regarding Vladimir Putin’s decision to abandon the START Treaty, saying that he didn’t have the time. Yes, it is important to understand where you stand.

On Tuesday, a viral video of someone falling off Air Force One was circulated. It was whoever it was. I’m sure they were not hurt. They claimed that it wasn’t Biden. It appeared that the man had dark hair, and didn’t move like Biden.

Biden, however, fell as he walked up the stairs to Air Force One as he was leaving Poland.

He seemed to be fine going into the plane. He didn’t appear to have fallen three times while going up, which he did in March 2021. He also fell off his bicycle while on vacation in Delaware, where he was stopping to speak to a little girl.

You can clearly see the fundamental differences in his movement and priorities with former President Donald Trump. Trump is seen boarding his plane for East Palestine, Ohio to assist in the relief effort.

Trump isn’t going to go empty-handed. He also brings water and supplies.

This is the key difference. Biden has sent air raid sirens from the United States to make it look tough and has been to Ukraine before. Trump, on the other side, puts America first and does the right thing in a town that Biden hasn’t mentioned.

After Trump’s announcement, and then the backlash, Transportation Pete Buttigieg announced that he was going to East Palestine on Wednesday. He had been shamed into doing so.

Priorities. This contrast is striking. The contrast is stark. While one knows the right priorities and the other appears to be completely dependent on interests that are not their own, It doesn’t seem like East Palestine will be buying any of the late malarkey from Biden now that Pete is finally ready to step in.

Unfortunately, Biden’s visit is emblematic of his entire time in office.