Biden Criticized for Yemen Airstrikes, Hit with Community Backlash


Joe Biden has finally done something more than just a strongly-worded letter to respond to the Houthis’ firing on assets of the U.S. On Thursday night, the U.S. and U.K. carried out airstrikes on Houthi positions.

But several Democrats, including some of our favorites on the left, were not happy with this action. Some even claimed it was unconstitutional.

Before launching an attack against the Houthis and involving us in another Middle East [sic] war, the President must come before Congress. This is Article I of the Constitution. I will defend that, regardless of whether a Democrat is in the White House or a Republican.

The War Powers Act Section 2C is very clear. POTUS can only engage the US in hostilities with Congressional approval or if there is a national emergency and the U.S. faces an imminent attack. Reporting does not substitute for action. This is an offensive, retaliatory strike.

The Squad has released the talking points.

Rep. Pramila Jajapal (D, WA), the leader of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, called it an “unacceptable violation of the Constitution.”

Rashida Tlaib, a Michigan Democratic Representative, also said that the airstrikes were a violation of Article 1 because they were conducted without Congressional authorization. She added that “the American people are tired of endless war.”

Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) called the airstrikes illegal and asked Biden to stop the bombings and “do better for us.”

They were smacked by Community Notes.

The Notes stated that “this is false.” They claimed Joe Biden had the “power to use the military in response to an assault on the armed services.” Houthis launched missile attacks against US and UK vessels. “The Congressional Authorization for Use of Military Force of 2001 remains in effect.”

Joe Biden is in a difficult position. He got in trouble for delisting Houthis and coddling Iran. His leftists have turned against him when it comes back to bite him. This is already showing in the polls for young Democrats.

What is it that some people on the left seem to be unable to comprehend? These people were shooting at the U.S. Once again, they seemed more concerned with terrorists and American interests than Americans.

Disarray is the word.