Biden Campaign and Democratic Donors Give Up on Key 2024 Swing State, Signaling Potential Electoral Doom


All signs are pointing to real problems for Joe Biden in 2024. Of course, you may not trust the polls, which is understandable, but if you need some convincing that alarm bells are going off at Biden HQ, here it is: the Biden campaign and Democratic donors don’t seem to be willing to invest much money or resources to win Georgia anymore.

The New York Times reports that “Democratic strategists and activists are focused on expanding their gains in Georgia. Once a Republican stronghold, it is now a battleground.” “But some of Georgia’s most prominent grassroots organizers — responsible for President Biden’s victory in 2020, and two Democratic U.S. Senators’ victories in 2021 — have grown concerned that their efforts and attention are waning after four years.”

National money, which was once freely given by Democratic groups in Georgia to win crucial Senate races, has not been forthcoming. Just over a week before the start of their campaigns to mobilize voters in the presidential elections, leading organizers say that they face a deep feeling of apathy from key constituencies. This will require more resources.

Some organizers have expressed concerns about the ability to repeat their success due to small, but pivotal changes in strategy. These include cost-conscious strategies like delaying large voter engagement programs until later in the election cycle or using more volunteers instead of paid canvassers. It has also led to them questioning how seriously Democratic donors, party leaders, and the state will be taken in 2024. Even though Mr. Biden’s campaign has stated that a repeat win in Georgia is an important part of his strategy.

Although the Biden campaign publicly indicates that it is making an effort to reach out to Georgia, it does not appear as if it is.

Steve Phillips, a progressive Democratic San Francisco donor and early supporter of Stacey Abrams, said: “For some unfathomable reason, many people are leaving Georgia off the top tier to focus on next year.” Mr. Phillips stated that he was “hearing” from “top donors, different advisors to billionaires,” that “they had a top-five state list and Georgia wasn’t in it.”

Phillips blamed some Democratic leaders as well. He said that if donors don’t hear from top campaign officials that Georgia is a state we should and can win, they won’t be excited about it.

The report states that the Biden campaign does not have an infrastructure in Georgia. This is a sign that Georgia will not be treated as a battleground for the election next year, even though a major effort is expected to take place before the primary elections.

The New York Times reported that Democratic strategist Jonae Wartel said, “It is no secret to anyone in the ecosystem that fundraising has been difficult from 2023 into 2024.” “I do not think that the resources are where they need to be at this time, but I think it is about engaging and appealing the donor community to make early investments.”

Recent polling has shown that Donald Trump is leading in the Peach State, while Biden is losing ground among blacks and young voters. Biden and allies clearly see the writing on the wall.