Bernie Sanders UNLOADS on Joe Manchin


Bernie Sanders, a socialist multimillionaire from Vermont was accused by Joe Manchin (W.Va.), of sabotaging President Joe Biden on Sunday.

Sanders said that Manchin had “sabotaged President Obama’s agenda” to ABC This Week anchor Martha Raddatz. “The problem was that Manchin was not serious, but we kept talking to him.” He wasn’t. This guy is a major beneficiary of fossil fuel money.”

We are grateful for Joe Manchin’s fossil fuel money and Joe Manchin, as they may be the only thing that can save us from the financial ruin caused by Biden’s Build back Better agenda.

Two sources close to the talks said that Manchin told Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer “unambiguously” that he would not support the tax or climate provisions of the Democratic economic package. This was a major blow to Democrats’ hopes for broad legislative action.

Manchin stated last week that “no matter what spending goals some in Congress may hold, it is obvious to anyone who visits grocery stores or gas stations that we cannot add more fuel to the inflation fire.”

Inflation continues to rise despite all predictions. It reached a 41-year high last month at an annualized 9.1%, breaking all previous records. If inflation were still calculated as it was 41 years ago, the actual rate of inflation would be even higher.

Presidentish Biden pushes his inflationary Build Back Better agenda to Congress, despite all common sense. BBB would increase debt and spending while adding to productivity-killing regulations. Even if Milton Friedman isn’t on the show, more funny money and smaller growth equals higher inflation.

Manchin is seeing the impact of inflation on red state voters back home and refuses to vote for any more. The original $5 trillion Build Back Better Agenda was reduced to $3.3 trillion. The House version is now a mere $1.75 trillion.

CNN is allowed to use the phrase “slimmed-down” to describe a spending bill that has a headline figure of 13 figures.

Biden wants to win big before the November midterms. But he might be satisfied with less.

After having tried to persuade the Saudis to increase their oil production, he left the Mideast with an embarrassingly empty wallet.

Manchin’s “sabotage” is now the only thing that Democrats can get through the Senate. This includes an extension of ObamaCare subsidy and giving Medicare the ability to negotiate with drugmakers prices for certain drugs.

Biden’s win looks more like chump change.