Berlin Mega Aquarium Bursts Unexpectedly


Two people were hurt and approximately 1,500 fish lost their lives when the largest cylindrical aquarium in the world exploded in the lobby at a German Hotel. The water from the rupture sent hundreds of thousands of gallons through the lobby, into Berlin’s streets. The water force tore the main doors off the hotel. There were dead fish all over the lobby. Others washed out into the streets where they died.

The Aquadom was 52 feet tall. The Aquadom had a lift in its middle that guests could use to ride through and see the more than 100 species of fish. It held approximately 265,000 gallons.

A minimum of twelve fish survived the aqua tragedy, while four to five hundred others are still trapped under tanks that lack oxygen.

The hospital was able to transport the people who were injured by glass shards that fell.

Police believe that the explosion was not targeted and was accidental. The cause of the deep-sea disaster is unknown, but it is possible that freezing temperatures could have made the tank crack or caused the entire tank to burst.