Baltimore Ravens Tried To Sign Baker Mayfield, Signaling Possible Desperation To Get Away From Lamar Jackson


Okay, it’s time to have a shocking divorce between Lamar Jackson (Baltimore Ravens)

The drama surrounding Lamar Jackson’s and Baltimore Ravens is making it seem like they’re ready to part ways. If that happens, the Ravens will need to upgrade their quarterback position.

Baltimore is said to have tried to solve this problem by seeking out another quarterback through free agency. The particular one they were considering signaled their desperateness to find a replacement for Lamar. I’m referring to Baker Mayfield, the shrewd quarterback. reports that he was offered a deal by the Ravens before signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

This whole Lamar Jackson-Baltimore Ravens situation has just gotten more intense.

We’re now looking at an entertaining situation. We know now that Lamar Jackson does not want to play with the Baltimore Ravens.

Lamar won’t back down from his money. Baltimore doesn’t want it to go, and neither does any other team. What happens if they are unable to get divorced but have to stay together? This is the most likely outcome.

This is what makes the whole situation so much fun, ladies and gentlemen.

2023 could be a trainwreck for Ravens. I’m already popping my popcorn.