Bad News Days for Joe Biden After Trump Indictments, How Convenient?


How blatant is the corruption of the Biden administration? You’ll be shocked.

Joe Biden’s use of federal power to target his main opponent in the presidential election of 2024 is quite evident. While anyone who claims otherwise may be indicted by the administration, there is a substantial amount of evidence that proves this.

Have you noticed that Special Counsel Jack Smith managed to time the indictments so they came out just at the same time as some very damaging news about Joe Biden? Look at the evidence, and see if you can honestly say that this is just a coincidence.

The indictment of classified documents

After weeks of refusing to provide the House Oversight Committee with the FD-1023 from 2020, detailing bribery accusations made against Joe Biden in the year 2000, FBI Director Christopher Wray finally granted the House Oversight Committee access to the document on June 8, 2023. Just hours after giving access to the document the news broke that Special Counsel Jack Smith indicted Donald Trump for the alleged mishandling of classified documents.

What does the DOJ now that it has been reported that President Biden was involved in a $5,000,000 bribery with a foreign country? asked Sen. Marsha BLACKBURN (R-Tenn.). “Try to interfere with an investigation by the Congress into Biden, and instead go after Trump.”

Indictment for superseding classified documents

Hunter Biden’s sweetheart deal fell apart last week. Had the deal been accepted by a judge, Hunter Biden would have been shielded from prosecution in exchange for admitting to two tax misdemeanors, and for participating in a diversionary program for a firearm violation. The next day, Jack Smith, the Special Counsel in charge of the case involving classified documents, issued a superseding arrest warrant. The superseding charge added two obstruction charges based on the allegations that the defendants tried to delete surveillance footage at The Mar-a-Lago Club during the summer of 2022, according to court documents.

The indictment of January 6th

Devon Archer, Hunter Biden’s business partner, testified Monday at the House Oversight Committee. He revealed Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals. Archer’s testimony, according to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia (R), revealed that the Bidens “were in the business of influence-peddling.”

Smith then filed the latest indictment, which was related to Trump’s efforts to challenge the results of the 2020 presidential elections. He charged him with conspiracy against rights, conspiracy to defraud, conspiracy to obstruct, and obstruction and attempt to obstruct a proceeding.