Authorities Find Four Dead In Cancun


Mexican authorities discovered four bodies near Cancun’s popular tourist hotel on Monday.

Mexican authorities said that three bodies were discovered in a lot close to the hotel. A fourth body was later found undergrowth in the same lot. Mexican authorities released a statement saying that two suspects were arrested in connection to the incident.

According to Jose Pablo Mathey Cruz, Secretary of Public Security for Benito Juarez Jose Pablo Mathey Cruz, all the victims were Mexicans who were allegedly selling and distributing narcotics.

“We heard the shots, and they hidden all of us in an offices until the incident was over. We were kept there by everyone until they secured the area. Right now, there are police and the Navy in the area. It’s very uncomfortable for our bodies,” Polo Gallegos, a tourist told CNN.

According to CBS, last week, a tourist from the United States was shot in Quintana Ro, south of Cancun. In the middle of the night, the suspects shot the tourist in his leg. CBS reports that it was not life-threatening and that the motive of the suspects is still unknown.

In October 2022, the U.S. State Department issued a travel advisory advising citizens to be cautious when visiting Quintana Ro State, where Cancun can be found.

The advisory stated that violence and criminal activity could occur at any time in any place, even popular tourist destinations. The advisory continues: “U.S. LPRs and citizens have been kidnapped.”

The U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Mexico shared the October U.S. State Department travel advisor, informing Americans of the dangers associated with traveling to Mexico for spring vacation. This alert was issued a week after two Americans were killed in Mexico.