Arizona Pond ‘Alligator’ Sparks Concern, Prompts Multiple 911 Calls


A 911 caller claimed that a realistic-looking alligator ‘bit’ her boyfriend’s line of fishing

Alligators up to 600 pounds found in Florida mall

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office released a statement saying that the deputies had been called to Coconut Point Mall where the massive alligator was discovered.

Arizona officials shocked residents when they placed a foam alligator that looked like a real one in a local pond.

Mesa Parks, Recreation, and Community Facilities added the fake alligator to the water earlier this month. The foam reptile is currently anchored in the middle of Riverview Park, Mesa.

The gator’s intention was not to scare residents but to create an area where turtles and other birds could gather. Turtles in the pond often find it difficult to reach shore.

The city officials also put a fake crocodile, two fake hippos, and a fake duck in the pond. However, the ducks had been untethered.

Arizonans were reportedly shocked by the sight of the alligators, as they are not natives to the state.

The Mesa Police Department has confirmed that they received three 911 calls regarding the fake reptiles.

One caller stated, “I think I’m at Riverview Park where there’s an Alligator…it just sort of hangs out.”

Another person called the police and said, “There are three alligators here.” “There’s a one under the bridge.” “Right now, I am just watching one that is swimming around.”

The fake alligator placed in the water by officials to give ducks and other wildlife a place to relax appears to have not scared Mesa’s animals.

One resident claimed that the alligator was a fake and bit a fishing rod.

The caller said, “It bit my boyfriend’s line of fishing and we had no choice but to cut it.”