AOC and the Squad Spark Debate with Their Takes on Judaism and Ceasefire


On Monday night, the members of the Squad attended a rally in Washington D.C. to call for a ceasefire.

We know, of course, that the Squad supports a ceasefire. In the past, they’ve made some disturbing remarks. The effort to justify their actions is a bit galling and unintentionally humorous. They tried to attack Israel by wrapping themselves in “Jewishness,” and used that to support their position. They were attending an event organized by “Rabbis For Ceasefire.”

Rashida Tlaib, a Michigan Democratic Representative, attacked Israel by calling it “extremists” and accusing Israel of “war crimes.” She wasn’t satisfied with the “pauses” that Joe Biden called for, but demanded a “complete end to violence.” Translation? Translation?

Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY), who also attacked Israel by calling it a “fascist regime,” did the same.

He told Tlaib, “Your courage is the reason I’m here calling for a ceasefire.”

Bowman said that by calling for a truce with his colleagues and focusing on humanity, he was uplifting what it means to be Jewish. “I’m centered the way God wants us to interact with each other,” Bowman stated.

What does it mean to “center humanity” by leaving terrorists behind who have killed more than 1400 people and kidnapped over a hundred others, all of whom promised to continue to try to kill Jews? What gall to say that this is what “being Jewish” means. He would not only leave terrorists who have vowed to kill Jews in place but would also tell the Jewish community that it was the Jewish thing to say.

He did notice that at least 26 of the rabbis he knows in his district agreed with his logic.

Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO), while Tlaib, Bowman, and others were attacking Israel tried to claim that it was a “smear”, implying they were anti-Israel. This was a bizarre statement, which was disproven at the same event.

Your Squad group is anti-Israel, and you are therefore labeled as anti-Israel.

Hey, she did sit next to Jewish people who were wearing Jewish clothing.

Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-MN, pointed out the Jews at the rally calling for a truce. She then criticized Americans of faith who were opposed to a ceasefire and stood with Israel, saying: “You would expect if you’re a religious leader or a faith leader that your first priority would be to examine your faith and its teachings, and say I oppose violent acts.”

What a disgusting thing! Only by calling for a truce can you be loyal to your religion. You Jews are not being good Jews if you don’t call for a cessation of hostilities. You shouldn’t use self-defense because it’s “violence”.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a representative from New York, rounded off the remarks for the event with a definition of what a ceasefire is.

She claimed that the value of human beings is one of the Jewish things of the world. She is against abortions. It’s a bad take to say that Jews should not defend themselves against terrorists who still swear to kill them.

She praised them for their courage in standing there. She repeated the Hamas-controlled health authority’s death statistics in Gaza. She spoke of the “1400 deaths on October 7” but did not say who was responsible.

She said that “damage is caused by the exploitation of hostages.” Wow. She blames Israel for “intimidating the hostages.” Who took the hostages? Who started the war and why? Yikes.

She said that “damage is caused by the exploitation of hostages.” Wow. She blames Israel for “harming the hostages.” Who took the hostages? Who started the war and why? When you do not take the killers out, you are not “protecting the innocent”. You endanger other people by allowing this to happen again.

AOC tried to redefine ceasefire and demanded more from Joe Biden.

She said that there is no military option.

On October 6, there was a ceasefire. Hamas violated it as they did many other times in the past because of their desire for Jews to be killed. Hamas is the only way to stop violence.