Antifa Members Sue Journalist for Stealing Their Public Comments


The violent Antifa members fled to safety just days after Andy Ngo filed a federal copyright suit against him. Grace Morgan and Melissa Lewis, who are allies with Rose City Antifa, the Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front and their Leftist “activists” attorneys, filed the lawsuit almost two weeks ago. They claimed that Ngo retweeted publicly disseminated videos without permission.

Harmeet Dhillon’s co-counsel at Center for American Liberty Ron Coleman defended Ngo and said to the Post Millennial: “If U.S. Copyright Law depended on whether the creator wanted, or liked critics to review his work, then we might as well tear down the First Amendment because no journalist like Mr. Ngo would ever be able critique anything the author doesn’t want them too.”

Larry Zerner, a Los Angeles attorney, withdrew his lawsuit on Monday. Dhillon suggested that he and his lawyer, activist Alan Kessler withdrew the lawsuit because they were facing sanctions for bringing such “patently frivolous” lawsuits. According to court paperwork, the move was made “pursuant the rules of federal civil procedure.”

Although the Antifa lawyers sought $300,000 for Morgan & Lewis, their bills were likely covered by them, their Antifa comrades in arms were embarrassed.

Ngo also pointed out that the fake lawsuit was disseminated through the mainstream media and Leftist media, Wikipedia and all search engines.

Dhillon asked news outlets reporting on the lawsuit to provide an update. Dhillon called the Intercept and asked them “isn’t it good journalism for guys to follow up?” The Oregonian replied, “Yo, did I miss the followup piece about how the lawsuit was dismissed three days ago?” Your reporters don’t want the public to know about the ‘copyright suit’? She asked The Daily Beast, “What happened with that lawsuit dismissed three day ago?” It was why the plaintiffs dismissed it. Do you want to inform your readers?” Dhillon requested the Daily Dot to update his readers about “how this puff piece that you wrote for Antifa [that] didn’t turn out to be true”

Lewis posted on Twitter two days after the lawsuit was dropped that she regretted having done dumb, “impulsive,” things before. She said she was a people pleaser and was going to see a therapist in order to address her problems.

To explain her poor choices in life, she’s resorting to the Hollywood “I’m going rehab” trick. Lady, good luck. However, we’d all be happier if you stopped cheerleading for cop attacks and other uncivil behavior.

Pacific Northwest Antifa Watch tweeted that, even though they lost the lawsuit it was a win-win situation for white Antifa members. They can still lose the case and claim it was due to the white supremacist judiciary system. Everybody’s happy!

Dhillon stated that the frivolous lawsuit was even more troubling because Twitter was “a platform specifically designed for sharing content and videos.”