Anti-Israel Rioters in Grand Central NYC, Try to Kick in Doors, Fight Police


The anti-Israel demonstration in New York City, on Friday night, got out of hand and revealed what a dangerous bunch of characters these people are.

Some of these nice people were yelling and calling this pro-Israel woman a “b*tch” for crying. They urged her to cry more.

Also, they cursed and called a reporter from the New York Daily News a “Zionist Pig.” This is what radical extremist hatred looks like.

The Answer Coalition is behind the signs. They have been involved with Occupy and BLM for many years. It’s not just you. Leftist groups are driving this chaos. There’s a reason this reminds you of the year 2020.

The rioters vandalized Dior with stickers, including one that spoke about the “settler states” (the U.S.A. and Israel), as well as another sticker saying “By any means necessary.”

The threat was to “burn Starbucks down!”

The rioters claimed Starbucks was selling “drinks that are genocide”, and demanded, “that it be shut down”.

One independent report states that they also attacked a bus carrying UFC fighters, including FC champion Jamahal Hills. This video from X shows it. They were lucky that the fighters did not get out to pound on them. It sounds like the police were able to intervene in time.

The rioters also burned an Israeli flag and stomped it. They also threw fake blood on the New York Times’ building. They demanded the destruction of Israel.

The rioters also engaged in a fight with the police. In this video, you can see a fight between a rioter and riot police. The other protesters/rioters swarmed over the cops to try and pull the person from the cops’ grip.

They finally tried to break the glass of the Grand Central Station doors with masks and keffiyehs on their faces. NYPD was right on the other side. These characters tried to force their way in any way, most likely to occupy the structure. They were chanting, “Shut it Down.”

Even though they managed to block Grand Central Terminal’s access for a while, no arrests were reported.

Are there any chances that these criminals will be tracked down and charged for terrorism, or other crimes of note? Not a lot. It would have been a different story if they wore red MAGA caps.

Where is the FBI located? Are they too busy investigating parents who speak out at school board meetings or pro-lifers? It’s getting out of control at this point.