Anti-Freedom Fascists Are Trying to Cancel Leana Wen; Do We Even Care?


Frau Doktor Professor Leana Wen, a representative from Frau Doktor, a group that advocated for unvaccinated children being kept in their homes and dedicated itself to the murder of children, has been tragically affected. As part of a panel discussion titled “Backlash”, she will speak at the American Public Health Association’s November Meeting. ”

According to an email Wen sent MedPage Today

Wen sent MedPage Today an email stating that “I was invited to speak on a panel called “Backlash”, which specifically addresses the difficulties of navigating public policy in the face of difficult politics. ” “I believe that the panelists were selected because they have dealt successfully with controversy. ”

Wen stated, “Public health professionals often have to balance competing priorities.” These valuable experiences can be shared with students and other practitioners.

There has been a strong backlash against her participation. David Zweig writes for the Boston Globe.

This November, the American Public Health Association will hold its annual meeting in Boston. The annual meeting of the American Public Health Association will take place in Boston this November. The letter seeks to ban Dr. Leana Wein from speaking at this meeting.

The grievances against Wen and the demand that her invitation to withdraw be withheld expose a strain of thought in a section of the public health system that is totally out of touch with American values. This also shows why certain sections of the public-health establishment are losing the trust of regular citizens.

Wen is referred to as “unscientific” for suggesting this spring that those who have been vaccinated can return to pre-pandemic levels. After the agency had evaluated the risks and determined that COVID-19 is a lower risk than the previous pandemic, Wen was called “unscientific” for suggesting that children who have been vaccinated should be able to return to pre-pandemic levels.

Wen was an extremist until her recent shift towards moderation which has so upset her critics. It’s more about the culture that inspired it. Scientists and academics are trying to cancel the proceedings. Some of the dissenters in this field pointed out that it is particularly disheartening.

Online petitions have been circulated calling for Wen’s expulsion from the APHA.

Public health professionals, students, and advocates for public health, as well as educators, are deeply concerned about Dr. Leana Wen’s invitation to speak at the 2022 American Public Health Association Annual meeting. We will speak on “Backlash”, particularly regarding misinformation. We request our colleagues and fellow public health leaders to replace Dr. Wen with someone who is compatible with the anti-racist, anti-eugenicist communities and public health practices.

Dr. Wen suggested in a recent article, that infection should be accepted as a “new normal,” despite the fact that 1,376 children died from COVID-19-related causes.

It is hard to argue with Wen’s support for eugenics.

Wen’s greatest and most frustrating trait is her willingness and ability to repeat what the political leaders in public health are doing. Eric FeiglDing is a Twitter troll that sounds like a variety clap. He claims he is resigning from the APHA because he invited Wen.

Other Brown Shirts-lovers also weighed in about how awful she is.

I sympathize completely with Wen. This is vital for a pluralistic society.

The following are available:

Then there is this.

We have statements like the one from her appearance on CNN Newsroom on April 29, 2021:

If we could say to people who might not otherwise get vaccinated, we would say “The moment you are free is when you get vaccinated.” These are the people who may not be vaccinated if they reach the two-week mark.

More of Wen’s wisdom can be found at this link

Before she took control of Planned Parenthood, she was the leader and founder of a “canceling movement”.

Leana Wen, Planned Parenthood’s boss, is Leana. She believes in “practicing exactly the same “.

She is an immigrant from China who fled her country as a child.

Fox News can confirm that, she didn’t disclose her affiliation or that she was paid money from outside companies.

Wen launched a website called “Who is My Doctor” in 2014. The website “Who’s My Doctor” was created by Wen in 2014. It provides information about doctors, such as their political affiliations and views on abortion.

She attempted to present patient advocacy as a way of getting rid of doctors who oppose abortion.

It is believed that one person being killed in a mob setting equals all of us being killed.

These people will intimidate and bully each other. These people will bully and intimidate each other.