Amtrak’s Bold Climate Change Stance Sets Cringe Meters Off the Charts


It is refreshing to find social media pages of professional and government organizations run by adults who don’t wake up thinking “How obnoxiously awake can I be today?”

However, most often, we see accounts managed by 20-something leftists, who believe they can change the world with one tweet, even if that means offending or alienating at least half, if not more, of their audience. Many of them do not like having their intelligence insulted.

The Biden White House Twitterers are notoriously bad at this. It is believed that Biden does not know what his handlers tweet from his POTUS, Joe Biden, and official White House accounts.

Amtrak tweeted Tuesday that it was waking up to climate change and mocked commuters in Philadelphia who were photographed outside a moving train.

Amtrak is not a “green” option. In their sustainability report for 2021, they boasted of reduced emissions due to… fewer people traveling during the COVID pandemic.

Look at the most recent sustainability report to see how Amtrak reduces its emissions.

The sustainability report boasts that “due to limited rail service during the peak of the pandemic”, emissions were reduced by 28% in comparison to FY19 (pre-pandemic). We exceeded our goal of 5% reduction and are on track to achieve 40% by 2030,” it says.

Some people were offended by the mocking of those who drove to work, school, or home, the taxpayers, who subsidize Amtrak.

One person wrote: “Nice to see a government-based firm has a social network account managed by a Gen Z mean girl.”

Amtrak, a tax-sucking black hole that is unprofitable, requires Americans to work more hours and earn less to pay for it. “This disaster won’t save anything except some politicians’ wallets,” said another.

Another frustrated commuter has also expressed their frustration:

Trains would be great if we had a system of railways like Europe. Our railroads are outdated and many key destinations are inaccessible. Use “saving the environment” as a way to hide an inept organization…

I think you should spend less time tweeting, and instead focus on improving your service and making trains safer.

The point has already been made.