America’s Crisis Is A Lack Of Fathers


It is important to remember the millions of children in our country who have no fathers as we celebrate Father’s Day. The United States Census Bureau data shows that almost 18.5 million children are raised without their fathers. This has led to the United States is the leader in fatherlessness worldwide.

Fatherhood is vital to the development and well-being of our children. We also know that increased father involvement leads to improved outcomes in a variety of areas. Fathers are a key indicator of success for all children, regardless of race, socio-economic status, or ethnicity. We have teamed up to introduce a resolution to the U.S. House of Representatives to promote fatherhood and its proven benefits to society.

It is clear that America is facing a fatherless crisis. Nearly 25% of American youth grow up without a father.

This shocking statistic has not only decimated the nuclear family but also devastated entire communities. For example, over 70% of adolescents in treatment centers for drug and alcohol addiction come from homes that do not have fathers.

Without the support of two parents, fatherless youth become adults and struggle to make their way in the world.

“There is little doubt that America is experiencing an unprecedented fatherless crisis”

America is facing increasing crime, substance abuse, and incarceration. We must also acknowledge the effects of fatherlessness on these issues. It is important to recognize that how fathers empower, teach, and develop their children has a direct impact on their mental health, well-being, and ability to endure any adversity. As elected officials and advocates for the nuclear home, this resolution allows us to recognize federal policies that encourage two-parent families and promote them.

The effort to promote fatherhood shouldn’t be limited to Capitol Hill.

Florida saw a bipartisan effort by Tallahassee to promote fatherhood, with the passage of HB7065. This included millions of dollars for mentorship and educational programs for at-risk youth as well as support for fathers in need.

We encourage all state governments in the Union to recognize and promote fatherhood, as we do.

A strong family unit can bring many benefits to society, not only to our children. Data shows that children who don’t have a father are five times more likely to be in poverty than those with a mother and father.

Research also shows that children who don’t have a father at home are nine times as likely to drop out of high school than their siblings and account for 90% of homeless and runaway kids. It is impossible to ignore the devastating impact fatherless homes have had on our youth and country.

Americans are preparing to be thankful to millions of fathers across the country. Let us not forget the women, men, and children who don’t celebrate with us.

Our nation’s success depends on four fundamental tenets: family, faith, free market, and education. Our resolution is just one of many actions that support the spirit of these four tenets and give them the support they need.

We ask all God-fearing fathers to look beyond their own homes and to mentor and support fatherless children within their communities.

We owe it to our children and our fellow countrymen at least.