Air Traffic Chaos: JetBlue Planes Collide in Dramatic Incident at Boston Logan International Airport


On Thursday morning, two JetBlue aircraft collided at Boston Logan International Airport.

Both the airline and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which oversees aviation safety, confirmed the incident.

In a press release, JetBlue said, “A JetBlue aircraft entered a deicing pad at Boston Logan International Airport and came into contact with a JetBlue plane on a nearby deicing pad. This caused damage to the winglets of one aircraft and its tail section.”

JetBlue reported that no injuries had been reported on either aircraft by passengers or crew. JetBlue said that both planes would be out of service to undergo repairs.

The airline stated that safety is its top priority and it will investigate the incident to find out what happened.

JetBlue Flights 777 and 551 from Orlando, Florida to Las Vegas were both affected. Both flights will be operated by other aircraft after the collision, according to JetBlue.

JetBlue’s statements and the FAA’s explanation were consistent. The FAA said that it would continue its investigation.