Air Force Twitter Account Sparks Outrage with Controversial Pride Month Tribute


All signs point toward the fact that the recruiting crisis in the U.S. Military is very real. Senior military leaders and military experts have placed the blame on the young. However, the larger issue boils down to a single thing: The federal government’s dangerous addiction to all things woke.

When I use the word “dangerous,” it’s not hyperbole. This was explained by a colleague in a recent post.

It is a fact that the military has turned into a hostile environment for straight white conservative men, who historically have been the most likely demographic to enlist. Air Force says it has too few white pilots and is now facing a shortage. The Army tolerates homosexual-fetish sex rings involving senior officers, their subordinates, and even the generals. It is surprising that this is an offender to young men. The Secretary of the Army puts solar power ahead of training the Army for the first battle in the next war.

The real story is not about the battle for recruitment, but rather the retention of those recruited.

You will see an exodus when the combination of degenerate corporate cultures and woke corporate cultures is combined with low-quality human resources.

The military is emasculated and this is a major problem.

As a civilian, I also see that there’s a lack of emphasis on pride in America, which goes hand in hand with being woke. The focus is more on appeasing those who have hurt feelings and their long list of grievances against their country, than on restoring trust and faith in our military and making sure they are ready to go.

The military divisions of this country are proving it more and more with every passing day.

Consider the United States Air Force’s Twitter account. On Wednesday they posted a Tweet celebrating Pride Month and, – incredibly – it depicted a U.S. Soldier saluting a Pride Flag, not an American flag.

I kid you not:

It is important to note that the replies were cut at a certain time because of a badly ratioed tweet.

This type of “messaging”, unfortunately, is not new. The American flag was missing in this Pride Month picture on the Air Force Recruiting Twitter account page, as our sister site Twitchy noted a year earlier.

This upset many people, and it’s understandable:

A Twitter user named “JW”, a veteran military went absolutely off.

As a retired Air Force Officer, I am embarrassed by the current state of service.

No American or Airman would salute any flag other than the American one. It is not only embarrassing but also treasonous to celebrate a member of the military saluting a Pride flag. The current senior leaders are nothing more than Aldrich-Ames clones, with a few Harvey Milks/Ed Bucks thrown in. All those involved in spreading this message should face Article 15 procedures & have their clearances revoked.

You all have failed to live up to your responsibility, and you have not kept your oath of loyalty to the US Constitution.

It is ridiculous and embarrassing.

Matt Lohmeier, a Space Force veteran, wrote in a more eloquent way that the US military “celebrates religious and political agendas to the detriment readiness and morale.”

Another said that “in 100 years this will be on display in an exhibition called ‘How America fell. ‘”

He’s not likely to be wrong.