After Spending $7.5 Billion, Biden Only Managed to Add 7 EV Charging Stations


If you’re on a road trip with your electric vehicle, and your battery starts to run out, there are charging stations that will work for any model.

What would you be willing to pay for such convenience? $19.99?

The miracle charging stations are usually attached to a small store so you can do something while you wait for the car to charge.

What would you pay to get such a deal? $29.99? $49.99? $100?

There’s still more!

Theoretically, it could happen someday — not anytime soon, but theoretically it might! These charging stations will be scattered across the nation’s highways and provide recharges for fleets of electric cars that people don’t buy anymore. The chargers will only work when they are in working order, which is not always.

What would you be willing to pay?

One Billion Dollars.

President Biden’s trillion-dollar “infrastructure law” (which spent only nine cents per dollar on actual infrastructure – and even that’s questionable as you will see below) included $7.5 Billion in subsidies to build a network of more than 500,000 EV Charging Stations by 2030 – less than six years away. In December, I said that there were none.

These things happen at the pace of government. So, it was only eleven days later when I was forced to make a semi-correction because one charging station — count ’em — was finally operational. It is located near a busy freeway in London.

Five months on, I can report that Biden’s EV charging stations program is a huge success. According to an oil price article published on Monday, seven charging stations are now in four states.

This averages out to about one billion dollars for each station. It’s not that they cost that much. But my arbitrary averaging still seems less absurd than Biden’s so-called Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

I also calculated that by building seven stations every other year, we will reach Biden’s target of 500,000 stations no later than 144881, AD. If we still use AD. It doesn’t seem so far off now, does it?

They say “Missed it by THAT much”

According to Oil Price, “Higher standards of new EV chargers including 97% operational stability, 150kW power and proximity to highways have contributed to the slower progress, alongside permitting challenges and energy demands.”

Power demands. Contrary to what leftists believe, electricity doesn’t magically appear within the charging cable.

It’s not my fault that the format of the first part of this article is absurd, but I can’t say sorry. I’ll never forget the old Ronco commercials from the 1970s, which featured products such as the Pocket Fisherman or the Inside the Egg Shell Egg Scrambler.

There is still a huge difference between a huckster such as Ron Popeil and an opportunist like Joe Biden. For just $19.99 in six to eight weeks, Popeil will deliver the goods – Biden not so much. He is the man who has pushed through trillions of dollars in spending bills, but all we have seen so far is this awful inflation.

And, if I’m being honest, seven billion-dollar EV charging stations.