Activists Block Intersection, Face Unexpected Consequences as They Surround Car


Anti-Israel activists are recycling old BLM protester tactics.

Remember when BLM workers would block intersections, surround cars, and drivers were flipping their lids to get through or not restrain the cars?

Here’s a reminder of three years ago, when BLM tried to drag a person from a car.

It’s a tactic that is always dangerous for the safety of the activists. This angers people and makes them turn away from their “cause.” The people who are being surrounded by the activists and feel threatened have a right to be concerned.

A video is now going viral, which shows this tactic being used by anti-Israel activists from Vancouver. The video, which appears to be from last month but is only now gaining wide attention, seems to show an incident that occurred a few months ago. The video can be viewed on X/Twitter. The car was surrounded and a bike was placed in front to stop it from passing.

The car still manages to get through the cordon they have set up as they curse and scream like banshees “Oh, My God!” The car manages to wiggle through the cordon that they’ve set up, as they scream and curse like banshees: “Oh, my God!” The car sounds like it may have hit the bicycle.

They are the ones who stand in the middle. When do they start to realize that this is not a good strategy? It’s funny that they start screaming at the police officer for not protecting them. The woman claims that the driver hit people, but there is no proof of this.

Why do the police let them block the road in the first place? He should have arrested them for blocking the road. It’s Justin Trudeau Canada, so it probably explains why the people who blocked the road were not cleared.

They pretend to be victims, but they are the ones who disrupt the lives of others and create these situations. Also, they don’t give a damn about the Israelis and Americans killed by Hams terrorists.

Police said they were looking into the matter. The police also said that the activists tried to open the car door. It’s no wonder the driver fled.

Vancouver police released a statement on Friday afternoon. “It’s alleged that a driver drove into the intersection while the protest was in progress and briefly was surrounded by protesters, before driving through the intersection and leaving,” the statement read.

The statement said that police are “investigating” reports that protesters tried to open the door of a car while the driver was inside.

They tried to shout at the police about the driver to get him into trouble. It sounds like the police are doing the right thing by investigating whether the activists attempted to enter the car. They could have gotten themselves into trouble if they had done so. It was not a wise move. It wasn’t a smart move to block the road in the first place.