ACLU Fights for Child Murderer’s Transgender Rights


As a young liberal boy, I listened to my parents wax poetic about all things leftist. The ACLU, along with Thor, Hercules, and Beowulf was a hero in the Left’s pantheon. It was the 1970s when the Left still held some values or common sense. The ACLU, in the name of gender equality, has gone to extremes that would be unthinkable even by the most cynical and hardened conservatives.

Reduxx reported that Autumn Cordellione – aka Jonathan C. Richardson – is currently serving a sentence of 55 years for the murder of his stepdaughter who was only 11 months old. In a quick recap, Richards’ friends visited him the night that he killed the girl in 2001. He said she was asleep, but that loud music was still being played. He also had a new tattoo on his arm of the name of the child. The wound was still bleeding. Richards called 911 later that night when the child became unresponsive. The girl was resuscitated by paramedics, but she died in the hospital after transport. Richardson said to the police that the first time he discovered the problem was while doing chores. He claimed in a subsequent interview that he had thrown the child up into the air to calm her down. He claimed that her head “bopped”. Richardson violently shook the girl when she refused to stop crying. The girl’s death was confirmed by autopsy as a result of manual strangulation. Richardson told a jailer later, “…all that I know is that I killed the little ****ng girl.”

Then read it again. If possible, read it slowly and out loud. Remember it as you continue to read.

Richardson, who must have at some point realized that his life would never be the same again, appears to have found the magical incantation that will pave the path to special treatment and possible martyrdom. He decided, of course, that he was a woman. Richardson, however, was denied his surgery. In Indiana, the incident took place. A law that came into effect on 1 July prohibits the Indiana Department of Corrections from providing such surgery. Reduxx says that Richardson is being housed at a facility for men, but the state provides him with hormone therapy and form-fitting clothing. Makeup. Makeup.

Richardson was represented by the American Civil Liberties Union, which filed a lawsuit against the Indiana Department of Corrections. The lawsuit states:

Autumn Cordellione (also known as Jonathan Richardson) is a transgender adult female prisoner incarcerated in a male institution under the Indiana Department of Corrections (“DOC”). She was diagnosed with gender dysphoria in approximately 2020 while she was in the DOC. She was prescribed a testosterone blocker and a female hormonal. Both of these medications have been prescribed to her and she has taken them ever since. The hormones may have alleviated some of the symptoms, but they did not eliminate them completely. She still suffers from depression and anxiety. In order to align her physical identity with her gender identity, and alleviate her gender dysphoria, gender-affirming surgery is required at this time. She was at one time placed on a waiting list to be evaluated by the DOC for this surgery. A new Indiana law states that starting July 1, 2023, the DOC cannot provide or facilitate “sexual reassignment surgeries” (also known as gender-affirming surgery) for prisoners.

Richardson, who was diagnosed with gender dysphoria around 2020, is also alleged to have attempted suicide and engaged in self-harm because of her inability to tolerate the fact that the sex she was born as did not match her identity as a woman.

Accept jurisdiction and schedule a hearing as soon as possible.

Declare that Indiana Code SS11-10-3-3.5 (a) is unconstitutional because of the reasons stated above.

In the interim, enter a preliminary order, which will later be permanent. This order prohibits a defendant from enforcing Indiana Code SS11-10-3-3.5 (a) and requires the defendant to take all necessary steps to provide the plaintiff with gender-affirming surgical procedures, including any necessary preparations prior to the performance of the procedure and the actual surgery.

The court should award the plaintiff’s attorney fees and costs.

All other relief is due.

Let us set aside for a moment the fact that this will all be at the taxpayers’ expense. Perhaps this may sound callous to tender ears and hearts, but why should anyone care if a man who murdered an 11-month-old girl and referred to her as a “little f****ng bitch” is dealing with depression and anxiety? This man needs to face his guilt.

In my early days as a reporter, I became friends with the local prison commander. He said that many prisoners were experts at gaming the system. They are master manipulators. The ACLU is still willing to support this man’s cause.

It is beyond belief that someone would take up the cause of this man, regardless if they were trans or simply trans supporters. Mr. Richardson does not deserve transition surgery. He doesn’t deserve feminine underwear or makeup, nor does he deserve special clothing. He deserves nothing more than a bed and a meal to finish his sentence. Some people might argue convincingly that these considerations are too generous. Richards’s killing of the 11-month-old child shows that not only should Richards be prohibited from having any contact with a human being again, but he should also be given the bare necessities. He has lost all rights. He is not entitled to make demands on anyone. He behaved like a wild creature. He deserves to be treated as such. It’s not about transition. Richardson forfeited his rights to any special clothing, treatment, or elective surgery by breaking the social contract, and the dictates of human dignity, as well. Period. Stop. He should not be allowed to breathe in free air ever again.

You would think by now that the ACLU and transgender activists would have realized that some transgender people have used the trans banner to cover up their most basic desires and crimes. One would expect that such groups would purge themselves of these people. One would assume that the transgender community would declare Richardson not to be one of its own, and remove his name from membership. One would assume. The trans community, however, has remained silent. And the ALCU has seen fit to champion the rights of a child killer and forget the 11-month-old girl who died at his hands.