Abbott Springs an Unwelcome but Well-Deserved Surprise on Lori Lightfoot


In April, Texas Governor Greg Abbott declared his charter bus policy for illegal immigrants. Washington, D.C. was made the sanctuary city. This was due to the fact that they were being left in Texas border towns already overwhelmed with President Biden’s open border policies.

Muriel Bowser, D.C. Mayor, complained about the overcrowding in her city’s homeless shelters. She applied for National Guard assistance twice. Following this, Eric Adams and Abbott had a heated exchange. Adams complained about the lack of resources, and then angrily attacked Abbott for being an “anti-American governor”.

Just a few days prior to the Labor Day holiday weekend, we find out that Democrat-run Chicago – home of America’s worst mayor Lori Lightfoot — has been added as a charter bus destination. Fox News reports that two buses arrived at Chicago’s Union Station Wednesday evening.

Abbott explains why Chicago was included on the list in a statement.

“President Biden’s inaction at Texans’ southern border continues to place the lives of Texans and Americans at risk and is overwhelming our community,” said Governor Abbott. When these migrants are given resources by a city with the ability to help them, I look forward to seeing this responsibility put into action.

Mayor Lightfoot’s Office responded by saying they are committed to helping migrants obtain the necessary items upon their arrival.

“Chicago is always a welcoming city.” Mayor Lightfoot’s office released a statement saying that they are working with different departments and partners from the community, as well as state and local governments, to ensure that every person who arrives in Chicago is treated with dignity and respect.

However, this was not the case.

Lightfoot’s office is very friendly so far. She will eventually become mad at Abbott just like Adams. Lightfoot is a typical example of Democrats who promise big but never deliver. She is also well known for failing to keep her promises and setting high standards for others.

This is something I am looking forward to watching unfold in the public eye. Lori Lightfoot’s bizarre pretzel-like display that she is “welcoming” people to her home, but also the fact that Chicago won’t be able to handle this influx of people, is both intriguing and fascinating to me. Abbott’s point is further supported by this.

Keep watching, as always!