Aaron Rodgers Sparks Speculation by Hinting at RFK Jr. Presidential Endorsement


Aaron Rodgers, the infamous NFL quarterback is without a doubt one of today’s most entertaining and polarizing sports figures. Aaron Rodgers is one of the most entertaining yet polarizing figures in professional sports today. He is known for his consistent and constant opposition to the coronavirus vaccination and his criticism of Big Pharma which has a pretty clear relationship with many powerful and influential Democrats. Rodgers is not a conservative but he does seem to have done his research and come up with his own conclusions about the current issues.

It’s not enough to call Colin Kaepernick a fool who wasted his chance to earn millions playing a game that most people enjoy to become a puppet of the Black Lives Matter Movement. I wonder how many times he thinks of the life he might have lived, given all the opportunities that this great country offered him. He chose to be a fake activist who no one takes seriously.

OutKick reports that Rodgers appeared on “The Pat McAfee Show” on Tuesday, where he spoke about his career as an NFL quarterback, leadership, and, surprisingly, politics.

McAfee, Rodgers, and others chatted about different leadership styles of quarterbacks. They gave the example of Eli Manning and Peyton Manning who both used humor to reach out to their team members. Rodgers said that he does things differently.

McAfee then thanked Rodgers, who had done the show, for his participation. Rodgers responded, “Thanks, man.” I support informed consent and medical freedom. I am also voting for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Have a wonderful day everyone.”

Wait. Did you catch that? I believe Rodgers has just announced that he is backing RFK Jr. as president in 2024. It’s not surprising if that’s true, you know, considering how Rodgers has expressed his dislike for Big Pharma and the shady dealings around the COVID-19 vaccine.

OutKick has more information on its website:

Rodgers was expressing himself in a way that made it difficult to determine if he is being serious or joking about the perception of him. McAfee was unable to ask him any more questions because his appearance ended.

RFK Jr. has a lot of support, despite his extremely questionable views. This is largely due to the concerns about medical freedom. He recently took a controversial and odd turn, declaring his desire to promote reparations if elected. It was a hard left turn for someone who had received seemingly support from both sides.

Rodgers’ statement on the McAfee Show was not meant to be taken as a literal statement. The 39-year-old quarterback is not one to follow conventions, and this choice of presidential candidate follows the trend.

Rodgers is the type of person who’s good at trolling. It’s difficult to tell at this point if he was genuinely endorsing RFK Jr. I honestly expected the quarterback would support Trump. It would be logical for him to support the former president, as they both seem to be similar in their personalities and approach to life, particularly to their critics.

Rodgers is a powerful figure with a large platform. If he endorses a candidate publicly, this will help build their base.