A WEF Op-ed Is Calling for Global Censorship


A WEF website op-ed published an article claiming that global censorship is needed. The article doesn’t state that global censorship is needed, because the commies can be too blunt. They will shred our rights in the same way as the bolshies have always done, but they will say it’s for people’s good. They call for a crackdown on “radicalization of extremist opinions, misinformation spreading and wide reach of child sexual abuse material(CSAM)”.

We can see that the WEF already has a list of sites that spread misinformation. I may also submit an opinion piece on why I think Klaus Schwab, founder of the WEF, is a lizard person.

Let’s start with the “radicalization and extremism” issue. Although I believe I have answered the question, I am not allowed to decide which opinions are “extreme”. According to the FBI, patriotic flags can be signs of “militia violence extremists.” This could mean that your weekly pinochle game night with your memaw might be canceled because that Betsy Ross flag is flying from your porch.

If the WEF wishes to pursue Antifa during one of their violent hissy fits I’m fine with that. However, I don’t think that will happen. Twitter allows them to threaten others and plan their riots without fear of repercussions. I don’t think global censorship will make any difference if the Twitter pinkos won’t crackdown on the Democrats’ brownshirts.

The WEF does not have to be concerned with internet bullying. I can block anyone who is harassing me online. Although I confess that I’ve been radicalized online by extremists, I stopped engaging in Facebook fights with libtards and just accepted their apology.