A Solution to the Illegal Immigrant Problem Mysteriously Appears In El Paso, Texas


Our porous border makes it easy for thousands of illegal migrants to cross the country, with little or no barriers to their entry. Biden’s administration has not only done nothing but punishes Border Patrol agents who did their jobs.

It is easy to solve the problem. There are more agents at the border, more equipment, and a wall. Biden only had to follow the lead of his predecessor, President Donald Trump. Instead, he chose to go the opposite way and sent Kamala Harris, his VP, south of the border in an attempt to get them to be polite.

It didn’t work and illegal immigration got worse.

Texas is the most affected state. There are many stories about farmers and ranchers coming across horrific scenes or witnessing illegals walking through their fields. Someone had to have a solution.

We’ll build a fence if a wall is not possible.

Bill Melugin, Fox News’s video director, posted a video showing a fence appearing in an area where migrants were continuously streaming into Texas. It’s not clear at this point if it was the feds or El Paso.

While border patrol vehicles can be seen behind it, dozens of illegal immigrants waiting near it are being watched by them.

It’s possible that these migrants could scale the fence if there weren’t border patrol agents to protect it. However, this seems like a temporary solution to a serious problem. It is clear that migrants still expect to be allowed in, judging by the fact they are not looking for a better way to get there.

WATE-TV reports that El Paso residents are “on edge” and have good reason to be so.

Residents of El Paso said that they are overwhelmed by the influx of migrants into their homes.

This has never been done before. Never. Carmen Wilburn, a resident, said that she felt unsafe and insecure here.

Wilburn takes care of her father, an 86-year-old man, in their El Paso house. Wilburn said that she sees many undocumented migrants running through her yard and jumping over the fence.

They can hide under the bushes by our house. So I don’t want my granddaughter to live here. Wilburn stated that it was scary.

Josie Martinez, a neighbor, stated that two men were running down the street and stopped to ask her for a ride.

Martinez stated, “They came and passed me, and they got in my car. They asked me if they could give me a ride to a hotel or someplace and I said no.”

These complaints may have contributed to the appearance of the fence as politicians in the city became too sensitive to constituent anger. It’s evident that something had to be done, as the migrants were becoming incredibly dangerous and invasive.

The person who put up the fence is finally doing what was needed a long time ago.