A Group of Pennsylvania Teachers Prove It Was Always About Indoctrination, Not Education


The world of public schools has become a dangerous place. It is risky to send your children to one. They could end up in the wrong class, or worse, be taken hostage by an activist pretending to be a teacher. As we have seen over the years, these activists can be found everywhere.

These activists will profit from your child’s inadequacy and sponge-like absorbency of everything around them to create ideas that could cause harm for the rest of his or her life.

Although I wouldn’t call every teacher a bad actor, I do know many honest and competent teachers. The analogy of the M&M jar is appropriate here.

What if you had 10,000 M&Ms, but only 10 were poisoned? Would you still eat from that jar? If you make a poor choice, your life will be over. If you choose the wrong teacher, it is your child’s life that is destroyed.

The school board in Central Bucks, Pennsylvania recently banned flags and banners with political or social significance. Public schools were prohibited from displaying flags and banners that are Antifa, black lives matter, LGBTQ, or other political symbols.

This is perfectly reasonable, as teachers’ personal politics shouldn’t have any bearing on student learning. Teachers from the schools found this unacceptable and protested.

You can see for yourself how many teachers protested. It’s not hard to see how many teachers protested. Worse, students were also present.

This shouldn’t have been a problem as public schools don’t allow educators to use them as soapboxes. However, these people were so angry that they not only paraded political flags in front of the school but also dragged students along to protest. Megan Brock posted the video on Tuesday, claiming that the protest took place that day. Although it is not clear if the protest took place during school hours or not, it appears that it was during the daytime. This means that they pulled students away from school to increase their numbers.

It’s not all about education for these teachers. It’s not all about writing, reading, and arithmetic. It is not about teaching critical thinking skills.

This involves indoctrination and grooming young people, as well as strengthening their political ideas by raising them away from their parents.

They aren’t teachers; they’re activists. And they don’t have any business teaching our children anything. They are clearly not to be trusted.