5 Colorado Rock-Throwing Attacks, 20-Year-Old Woman Killed by Large Rock Through Windshield While Driving


A 20-year-old Colorado woman was killed after a large rock was thrown at her vehicle. The victim was one of at least five victims of rock attacks on cars in the Denver area.

Around 10:45 pm on Wednesday, a large rock was thrown toward a yellow Chevy Spark. Alexa, who was speaking to a friend at the moment of the attack, became silent.

Bartell used an app to locate Alexa Spark. A 20-year-old woman was found dead inside her car in Denver, Colorado.

Police suspect the stone was thrown from a side road or by a vehicle.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office declared Bartell’s death a homicide.

Within a two-hour period, at least five incidents resembling the Bartell rock attack occurred.

A car in Arvada, Colorado was struck by a large rock shortly after midnight. The police found three of the rocks inside the vehicles.

The police reported that the victims were in good health on Thursday.

The police suspect that there may be more victims.

Jacki Kelley, the spokesperson of Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is a woman. She said that rocks weighing between 3 and 5 lbs and measuring 4 to 6 inches wide were thrown onto the windshields of cars moving.

Kelley said, “We are a broken family today because we lost their daughter. “We don’t know what happened. ”

Kelley went on to say, “This girl was 20 years old and she drove home.” She has now become a victim. “And now we need to know the truth. “We need to know who committed the crime and prosecute them. ”

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, along with Arvada Police, Westminster Police, and the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, investigates the rock attacks.

According to the initial police belief, a pickup in a light-colored color could have been used as a launcher. However, investigators found the owner and “positively confirmed” that the truck’s owner was not “involved” with the crime series related to Alexa Bartell’s death. Police have confirmed that no arrests had been made by Friday morning.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is encouraging anyone with information regarding the rock attacks to call them at (303) 271-6612.

Emily Audette Bartell told KDVR, Bartell’s former high school classmate, that Alexa’s sudden death “just doesn’t feel real. Emily Audette Bartell, a former classmate of Alexa’s from high school, told KDVR that the sudden death “just doesn’t seem real.”