4-5 Day Ceasefire and Limited Hostage Release Tentative Agreement Reached Between Israel and Hamas


Israel and Hamas have reached an agreement for a ceasefire after 45 days of warfare that began with a surprise attack by Hamas.

Israel and Hamas agreed on a temporary ceasefire after a six-hour marathon cabinet meeting. Hamas will release 30 kidnapped kids, eight mothers, and 12 single women for a total of 50 hostages.

Other media reports that there’s more to it than the official word.

Israel will free 150 Palestinian women, children, and adolescents currently in custody. It is not known if the women and children will be returned to North Gaza, or released into South Gaza’s refugee flow.

Apparently, 300 trucks with humanitarian supplies will be permitted into Gaza. I assume this is referring to North Gaza where Hamas terrorists have been surrounded, as humanitarian supplies are flowing from Egypt into South Gaza.

The ceasefire is set to last for four days. It will end early Sunday morning, Israel time. Hamas is allegedly ready to release 10 more hostages if the ceasefire is extended by one additional day.

Israel will limit drone coverage to only 18 hours a day. Again, I’m not sure how this would work or make a difference.

There is a lot of conflicting information out there.

In a statement, Netanyahu’s office refers to the period as “a lull” in fighting and not a truce.

The Prime Minister’s Office released a formal announcement confirming that the cabinet approved the first hostage agreement of the Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza early this morning.

The Israeli government is determined to bring all abductees back home. The government approved tonight the outline of the first step in achieving this goal. Under it, at least 50 women and children abducted by Hamas will be freed over the course of four days.

It adds that “the release of each additional abductee will result in an extra day of respite.”

The Israeli government, IDF, and security forces will continue to fight to bring back all abductees. They will also eliminate Hamas to ensure that Gaza doesn’t pose a threat to Israel.

We will provide more information as it becomes available.