World on Edge as ISIS Resurfaces: How Biden and Putin’s Actions Fuel the Conflict


According to a report published in the Daily Mail on Monday, it wasn’t only the U.S. who warned Russia of the possible arrival of a massive ISIS attack in the days leading up to the Crocus City hall massacre which left at least 14 dead. Even Moscow’s allies from Tehran “warned Russia about the potential for a major terrorist act,” the article said.

Anyone can guess why Russia ignored the warnings.

An unnamed senior official of security claimed that “Iran has been the victim of terror attacks for years. Iranian authorities have fulfilled their obligations to alert Moscow based on information obtained from these arrested terrorists.” ISIS bombed a site near the grave of Iran’s top terrorist leader, Qasem Solimani, in January. The attack killed 84 Iranians and injured another 284.

You may recall that Soleimani, who had been waging asymmetrical war and terrorist attacks against U.S. troops for years, was killed in a drone attack on the order of President Donald Trump in 2020. ISIS believed his gravesite would be the ideal place to kill some Iranians. They are truly at war with the rest of the world.

The Daily Mail reported that the terrorist attack last month was Russia’s most deadly in over 20 years. They’re referring to the bombing of a Moscow apartment building in 1999, which killed 300 people and propelled Vladimir Putin to power. The attack is widely believed to have been orchestrated by Putin. But I digress.

You’re the bad guy if you’ve caused the United States to become enemies with Russia, Iran, and Israel.

Why is it that the world as a whole can’t defeat ISIS?

We can. We choose not to do so, even though ISIS poses (or aims to pose) an existential danger to everyone and everything that does not adhere to a form of Islam that is too extreme for Iran’s Mullahs.

The major players have stayed away from the game.

Russia has deployed virtually all of its non-nuclear fighting power against Ukraine, another Christian nation-state. Vlad, you made a smart move!

Iran is busy with its imperial project to reestablish Darius’ Persian Empire under Islamic garb. Tehran is likely to deal with ISIS at some point, but first, it must crush Israel and other Western devils.

Israel’s tiny size is holding her back, and Iran’s proxy forces in Syria and Gaza are encircling it.

The U.S. government is led by a feckless and old man, whose foreign policy has been paralyzed because of the fear of “escalation.” The White House is willing to use any means necessary against domestic threats such as parents who are worried about their children’s education, peaceful protesters on Jan. 6, and the Supreme Court. Biden’s foreign policies are a series of dangerous and wasteful half-measures.

China does what it always does: sit back and watch events unfold.

Instead of being swept into obscurity by Trump’s MOAB, ISIS has metastasized throughout the Middle East and its reach extends to Moscow.