Uncovering Biden’s Censorship Regime: We’re Just Scratching the Surface!


Every reader knew that bad times were coming when President Joe Biden, and I mean “took”, office more than three years ago.

We used to have to endure four or eight (Lord, help us!) of bad policies when we lost elections — inflation, excessive spending, overregulation, and perhaps a war or two. We get to chip away at the Republic’s foundations for four years, or eight years if we are lucky..

There are new details that show the Biden administration exploded dynamite into the hole left by Barack Obama.

The Select Subcommittee on Weaponization of Federal Government, chaired by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), released an 800-page report that reads a lot like Ayn’s Atlas Shrugged.

Have a look at:

Amazon employees emailed other Amazon employees in March 2021 to explain the new policy for content moderation at the Amazon bookstore: “[T]he reason behind this request was criticism from the Biden Administration regarding sensitive books that we are giving prominent placement.”

Amazon’s employee in March 2021 explained that the changes were made to the bookstore policies “due to the criticism of the Biden people”.

When Nick Clegg, a Facebook executive, asked an employee of the company why it censored a man-made theory about the SARS-CoV-2, the employee replied: “Because the Biden administration and others were pressuring us to do more.” . . . “We shouldn’t have done it.”

YouTube “shared a new policy proposal with the Biden White House to censor content that criticizes the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. The White House was asked for any feedback before the finalized policy.” The Biden White House responded to YouTube by saying, “At first glance, it seems like a good step.”

In an email, a Facebook executive revealed that Facebook was brainstorming additional policy levers to be more aggressive. . . misinformation. “This is a result of the criticism that the Biden administration has continued to level against our approach.”

Facebook’s internal communication revealed that the “Surgeon General” wanted us to remove all true information regarding [COVID vaccination] side effects. Facebook, of course eventually, complied. Mark Zuckerberg at least tried to resist, stating in an email that “when we compromise standards because of an administration, either way, we will often regret it.”

Zuckerberg finally caved in after the White House increased pressure.

Censorship is a term for the use of government power to silence dissent. It’s just as American as seppuku, haggis or serfdom.

When I began writing, my goal was to reach a larger audience. The Biden administration has changed this. We are increasingly narrowcasting our content to VIP subscribers instead of broadcasting it to a large audience.

Then it hit me: What if we were able to broad-narrowcast instead?

The word is ugly, and it sounds like the Newspeak of “1984,” but its contradictions capture exactly what we on the right need to be doing. We must expand the small group of VIPs who keep our organization going.