House Democrats Sneak an Immigration Reform Provision Into Build Back Better Bill


Joe Biden’s Build back Better bill has offered something for everyone in America, including free senior medical care, daycare, and tens to billions of dollars in climate care. It is clear that Dems truly don’t care about anything.

They are not concerned about immigration laws or our border crisis, including the promise that 6.5 million illegal immigrants will be allowed to enter the U.S after 10 years of authorization.

To legalize illegal substances, it uses parole, which is a process meant to aid individual families could be used to benefit millions.

The House approved the provision, which allows people to remain in the country for 5 years with the possibility of extension for an additional 5 years. According to the Congressional Budget Office, approximately 6.5 million people would benefit from the measure.

This analysis shows that about 3 million people would be eligible to jump from parole status to permanent residence. Nearly 5 million people are still waiting to get a legal green card outside of the U.S, with some that sneak across the border and evade custody entirely. Biden lets them stay.
Raul Ruiz, a member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, states that they are focused on passing immigration reform in the Build Back Better Act. This includes long-term work permits for 7 million immigrant workers and protections to prevent family separation.

Ruiz said that that the CHC exhorts the Senate to preserve the work permits and protections. He said they are hopeful that they will use Senate rules to build on them and create an earned path to citizenship.

Immigration reform should be implemented to streamline legal immigration to the U.S and to increase security at the border. It should be to protect us all and illegal aliens being mistreated at the border by cartels or organized criminal gangs.

This was a case where the “party of fairness” failed to act.