Violent Assault on White Man by Downtown L.A. Urban Youth ‘Cyclist’ Gang


A gang of thugs picked a white man seemingly at random for a brutal sidewalk attack while one of their accomplices smashed his truck with his bicycle.

The corporate media, which includes Fox News, referred to the attackers as “cyclists.”

Fox News:

The video shows a mob in Los Angeles slamming a man with their bikes in an attack that police have described as “shocking.”

According to KTLA, the attack took place in downtown Los Angeles’ Jewelry District on Thursday afternoon.

Los Angeles Police Department posted a tweet over the weekend stating that “Central Division has been made aware of a shocking video showing a fight between people riding bicycles and a person in a pickup truck.” “To date, this incident has not been reported to the police.” “We are asking victims to contact Central Station.”

A witness working across the street filmed a cyclist who was unidentified throwing a shoe toward a man near a store.

A cyclist can be seen smashing the handlebars of his bicycle into the driver’s side window on a nearby pickup. The windshield of the truck was already broken.

The group starts punching the man standing on the sidewalk. This causes other people to shout.

The mob surrounds the man and kicks him when he falls to the floor [emphasis is added].

Et tu Fox?

What’s this “cyclist” nonsense all about? What do you think of when you hear “cyclist?”

Is this a band of rabid youths who are looking for white people in order to beat Rodney King senseless in a riotous race, while the passers-by stare indifferently and perhaps pull out their phones in order to record a TikTok video?

Is it just a guy with a Camelbak hose in his teeth, wearing a spandex outfit, and weird shoes that lock onto the pedals?

We all know the headlines that would have appeared if the victim had been an innocent black man and the perpetrators a band of white savages. “White Supremacist gang assaults Innocent Black BIPOC: Nowhere in America is Safe from Domestic Terrorism?” Joy-Ann Reid, MSNBC’s race lady, would then ask the NAACP for new travel advice for Los Angeles, just as the group did recently for Florida.

The news media that cover the event do not mention any of the parties’ races.

How curious.