Target Withdraws Satanic Pride Merchandise Depicting Violence, Blames Customer Confrontations


It’s the next Bud Light disaster, and this could not have happened to a more deserving corporation. They’ve been destined for a fall since men were allowed to enter their women’s restrooms. Target is the top store that rational people should boycott because they have introduced a “Pride” product line created by an alleged Satanist.

Some of the designs glorify violent acts against “homophobes” and “transphobes”, which are people who don’t want sexual and explicit pornography to be shown in front of children. One design shows a guillotine to be used by homophobic parents who wish to protect their children from sexualization. It’s funny that transgender activists and queer people are now embracing the truth we already knew: They’re weirdos.

Instagram posts by the designer explained that this product is a proselytization to satanism for vulnerable American children. Would Target sell Christian propaganda that tries to recruit more Christians in the future? Would Target sell items that say “Jesus Loves You”?

Satan respects you for who you are. You’re valuable and important in this world and deserve to be treated with respect and love. LGBT+ people have been referred to so many times as Satan’s product or those who go against God’s Will. We’ll just hang out with Satan.

Satanists do not believe in Satan. He is used as a symbolic representation of passion, pride, and freedom. You can make him mean whatever you want. For me, Satan represents hope, equality, compassion, and love.

Satan, of course, respects pronouns. He loves everyone who is LGBT+. For this design, I chose a variation on Baphomet, a god who is a mix of genders and beings. They reject stereotypes and binary expectations. Perfect.


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Here are some more satanic products that glorify body-destroying hormones used in cross-sex. They say, “Do shots with me.”

There are many examples of these vile recruitment tools. One pin depicts a medieval weapon and the words “we bashing back”. Some of the other items are a mug with “gender fluid”, and bathing suits that can be tucked for men and boys. “Tuck-friendly”, refers to the dangerous penis-tucking practice that can cause serious injury. Ever heard of testicular twisting?

Target sells chest binders that can cause broken ribs, lifelong pain, and even breast growth to be inhibited. So far, these items have not been removed. Alex Stein tried on “tuck-friendly’ bathing suits at Target. This is not just a joke, it’s what Target believes is best for your children. Also, they may want to reconsider that tuck-friendly technology. Either Stein is in a massive twigs and berries mess or their technology has failed.

Target executives are becoming nervous after several TikTok videos featuring moms who are fed up with Target’s hostile stance towards families with children. In the American South, many stores have moved the Pride displays to the back and reduced the number of items they sell. They have also removed the most controversial satanic products. Target Corporate has blamed the “volatile behavior” of customers and their “confrontational attitude” for this move, rather than admitting they made a mistake.

There are currently no videos of violent confrontations. Only videos exist of people asking the management why this was done or of people walking around the store showing the products. Target reporters didn’t ask for any proof of violent confrontations.

Target released a statement Tuesday saying that since introducing the collection this year, there have been threats to our team members’ sense of security and well-being at work.

We are adjusting our plans to reflect the volatile situation, and removing the items that were at the heart of the most aggressive behavior.

Despite the fact that no evidence of these confrontations was provided to any media outlet, they still published the dramatic claims of Target. Target’s press department was contacted to request more information and evidence, but we did not receive a response before publication. We will update this article if they provide any evidence to support these “threats”. If you search online, you’ll only find videos of angry parents and customers pointing out the products and asking why it is happening.

There are also videos that mock Target.

Target should be scared that these videos are going viral because they’re being shared by more than just the usual suspects. Target is targeting children, so this is going to be more popular than Bud Light. Dylan Mulvaney made an adult-oriented ad. Even so, Americans were so sick of this queer cult they refused to buy it. Bud Light is still not recovering.

How bad will things get when American children are in the crosshairs of the woke? About to find out. Target’s market opening wasn’t great. It’s recovered a little since then, but it is still down. Americans have shown that they are willing to hurt businesses that they believe have crossed a certain line. What will happen to Target? We will have to wait and see.