COVID Is on the Ballot Next Week and Running as a Democrat


We are now in the first post-COVID American election and Republicans and Democrats both feel very different as they fly through this week.

Republicans eagerly anticipate riding a red wave, which they hope will carry them to majorities at the House and Senate and eventually to the White House in 2024.

On the other hand, Democrats are overwhelmed by Joe Biden’s millstone and the sudden realization that replacing pathological prevarication with policy is not a winning strategy.

According to conventional wisdom, Democrats will be able to survive on a toxic mixture of crime and inflation. Dem politicians and their flying monkeys within the mainstream media to assure voters that crime and inflation are not real problems lend credence.

While there are many other problems caused by the sham Biden presidency, and the moron collective on Capitol Hill, that are hurting Dems this year. But it’s the troubling combination of feeling unsafe leaving our homes and spending too much on groceries that are really hurting them.

However, we should not forget that COVID is the one issue that brought us all these huge problems that are destroying our lives. Joe Biden would still be living in Delaware if the Wuhan Chinese Bat Flu hadn’t broken free and caused its destruction. He would still be playing with Legos and eating Cheerios from a small baggie.

The Democrats’ slogan “Never let any crisis go to waste” was never more relevant than when the COVID pandemic broke out. With all sincerity, I’ll repeat it again: They didn’t care about anyone’s safety. They just saw an opportunity for Donald Trump to use it.

The Democrats are extremely adept at using COVID panic to their advantage and have found many sinister ways to do so. Of all the worst, they used COVID panic to excuse themselves from changing election laws at the last moment to discredit the 2020 presidential election. Anybody who believes that the 2020 election was the cleanest in American history — as the Dems love to claim — is an idiot.

Many Republican elected officials voted for a lot of the nonsense that occurred between March 2020, and the election. People can be forgiven for much of what happened in the early days of COVID, as I’ve written numerous times. No one knew what was happening back then. The good citizens of the United States began to eradicate the unscrupulous antics by the end of the summer.

People who have been around American politics for a while are not surprised when a Republican politician falls into the trap set by the Democrats. It’s because they don’t know how low their “esteemed” colleagues across the aisle will go in order to gain an advantage.

After “winning” the election, the Democrats committed acts of COVID that are why they deserve to be expelled.

They didn’t pretend that lockdowns, mandates for masks, and then the draconian vaccination rules were about public safety. They might have given lip service, but it was clear to everyone (conservatives and others) that this was a diabolical power grab.

It was easy to see the number of Democratic politicians caught violating their “public health” rules. It was the governors and mayors who instituted the most strict policies that were the most lenient to their constituents, like Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer, and Satan (I believe that’s the D.C. Mayor’s name).

Under the cover of COVID safety, the Democrats committed the most serious offense by keeping schools closed far beyond the time it was safe to do so. They did this because it was what teachers’ unions wanted, and Democrats are their well-trained lapdogs. There are many good teachers in America, I’m sure. None of them are teachers’ union representatives, who are all lazy cancers who are destroying public education from the inside.

American schoolchildren are still being affected by the damage. The assessment is ongoing and it is truly alarming. They’re not slowing down either. We wrote about it a few weeks back. They are trying to force vaccines onto children despite the fact the vaccines have not performed as advertised.

After spending eight dollars on the last piece of Wonder Bread from the grocery store shelf at the grocery store, get angry and go to the polls next week. Keep in mind, however, that COVID was the catalyst that allowed President LOLE8yone million to accelerate Soviet Socialist Democrats’ plans to destroy the Republic. Then, vote with righteous fury.

Let’s now see if there is a wave we can catch.