Bombshell Project Veritas Exposé Poses Urgent Questions for Fauci & the Entire Pandemic Response


Project Veritas published a video last night allegedly showing classified documents regarding COVID and the response to pandemics. Project Veritas displayed portions of a memo by Major Joseph P. Murphy, Marine Corps, about the pandemic’s origins and response. Even if Murphy’s conclusions are true, it is clear that political affiliation does not matter to anyone who has lost a loved one due to COVID or who cares for someone who has suffered from a vaccine injury.

This memo confirms that EcoHealth Alliance has submitted a proposal to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. D.R.A.S.T.I.C. is the name of the group. The proposal was leaked in September 2021 by a group calling itself D.R.A.S.T.I.C. EcoHealth and Dr. Peter Daszak applied for a grant from DARPA in 2018 under the PREEMPT grant opportunity.

Daszak and his team (including Dr. Ralph Baric of the University of North Carolina, and Dr. Shi Zhengli of the Wuhan Institute of Virology) offered to create a program that would vaccinate bats, and increase their immunity to coronaviruses. This was done to minimize spillover and aerosolize the vaccines into bat caves. They would use viruses from the Wuhan lab to make them infect humans, then weaken them so they could inoculate bats. DARPA was concerned about the safety of the research and declined to grant the application. The work of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s division at the NIH was eventually funded.

Murphy was a DARPA Fellow during the pandemic and concentrated his efforts on the pandemic response. Murphy’s memo examined the EcoHealth Alliance proposal in detail and pointed out the conflicts with the federal pandemic response and the pandemic origin story. He states that he submitted a report to his fellow at the Department of Defense Inspector general after completing his fellowship. He received no reply to his submission so he sent another communication with the attached report to the Inspector General to an unidentified Captain.

After carefully reviewing the EcoHealth Alliance proposal, Murphy’s report contains four major bombshell claims. Project Veritas reports that Murphy produced this report.

SARS Cov-2 virus was the result of research by EcoHealth Alliance. It was conducted at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, as well as other locations throughout the United States. The research was funded by the NIH. It was partially attenuated in the manipulation process and would eventually be aerosolized to make it a vaccine for bats.
It is well-known that mRNA vaccines do not work because they are synthetic replicas of the spike protein. The vaccines contain synthetic spike proteins that cause the same ACE2 immune storm in vulnerable people as the viral infection.

EcoHealth proposes that ivermectin is effective against SARSr-CoV, the virus with which the EcoHealth team was planning to work. It blocks viral replication and modifies the immune response. It was also found that interferon and hydroxychloroquine were both curative and an inhibitor of SARSr-CoV.

The classified files contained the unclassified files relating to the proposal.
James O’Keefe stated clearly that Murphy wasn’t the source of Project Veritas’ memo, but he did make a statement.

Murphy might be more optimistic than most Americans about forgiveness. Our agencies and local governments have withheld outpatient treatment for millions of Americans suffering from cancer for nearly two years. The proposal would have acknowledged the effectiveness and safety of drugs that were cheap, available, and easy to find. Doctors later had to be destroyed or censored for using them. Tens of thousands died as a result. After Project Veritas’ bombshell, it is imperative that communication about these treatments with FDA officials and NIH officials be reviewed and made available to the public.

The people responsible for infecting bats with the virus must be held accountable if Wuhan research was the source of the virus. This includes all U.S. and European personnel responsible for funding or supervising the experiments. It is imperative that Dr. Fauci’s redacted portions of email messages become immediately public. Details of how the laboratory leak theory was disproven are available.

Democrat and Republican candidates should not run for office in 2022 without a plan that shrinks and refocuses the health bureaucracy. Murphy’s conclusion is that health bureaucrats have failed to fulfill their core mission. This can’t be attributed simply to ignorance. Malice can only be attributed as to the inability to provide effective treatment, censorship, or cover-up.