A Survey Found COVID-19 Lies Shattered Public Confidence in Vaccines


Public Health demigods have done more to undermine public trust in vaccines than anyone, including Anthony Fauci (NIAID Director/COVID Warlord) and Rochelle Walensky, (CDC Director), among others.

There is no place like it. Their unrelenting campaign of lies, manipulations, and distortions over the past two decades has had predictable results.

Sky News reports new scientific polling supports these conclusions.

More than 1000 people were interviewed and they found that post-pandemic survivors felt less confident about vaccines than those who survived the pandemic.

“This doesn’t just concern conspiracy theorists, but also people who don’t consider themselves to be anti-vaxxers but have supported other vaccination campaigns.” [said Dr. Alessandro Siani, associate head of the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Portsmouth.

Respondents were asked for their opinion on the following statements.

*”Vaccines are safe to use. ”

*”I believe that vaccinations would be beneficial to the well-being and health of others. ”

*”Vaccines are vital for our health and well-being. ”

*The entire ethical justification for the COVID-19 vaccine was that it would prevent the transmission of the virus. After being deceived for nearly two years, we now know this is a fabrication.

Sky News only reports the survey results. The survey results don’t explain why respondents trust the Public Health authorities less.

These are only a few reasons to distrust Public Health, and it would be impossible to list all possible causes.

School closures continued in many jurisdictions even though COVID vaccines, which were widely distributed as a “ticket to freedom” or a way to restore normality, were widely distributed for several months.

Moderna investor Bill Gates met Trump to try to convince him to stop researching vaccine safety.

Corporate media repeatedly advised the public not to conduct their own research. This would seem strange if they believed in the “safe and effective” narrative.

Public Health staff seem to be obsessed with vaccinating all living creatures using emergency authorizations. This applies to six-month-old infants who are not at statistical risk from COVID. However, Congressman Warlord Fauci admitted that there was no data to support shots in this age group. Baby jabs were approved quickly.

Trump approved Operation Warp Speed, which gave vaccine manufacturers immunity from any harm their products caused. This was a rare carve-out, which was not available to any other industry. It also brought in record profits.

Any independent media outlet that challenged the vaccine narrative was removed unceremoniously from the public square.

There are many reasons to question the vaccine narrative.

It’s safe to assume that Public Health technocrats will not take any responsibility for vaccine resistance. This has been their method of operation since 2020.